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East Coast
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NEMO 001-4
year: 1999

project coordinator:Michael Klobuchar
mastering: Bill Henson
artwork:Tim Nelson

This is one of the four CDs of the original CT project. A completely free-form collection of looped music from the US and Europe.

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1 John Parada
stream trackload mp3   Driving Very Fast Late at Night on a Southern Highway in a Rented Oldsmobile While Pretending to be a Starship Captain
Fender Strat, E-Bow, Boomerang, Spacestation, and assorted delays and others. Please excuse the hiss and other sounds as this was recorded using an old Magnavox Boombox type of unit.
comment 15.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Love the oscillating, sci-fi tone. I can just imagine listening to this while driving down an old highway at night....perhaps the desert in Nevada, USA with a clear sky, lots of stars visible. BTW, all this space-age, sci-fi music reminds me of Michael Stearns "Encounter" released in 1988...you must hear this CD...it is gigantor and all about spaceships, etc.
2 John Wieczorec
stream trackload mp3   Choosy Mutha
Sound source is a rubber dog toy fille w/peanut butter + recorded while being licked by 2 beagles, synth sounds from an access virus - sound design by my wife, Christine. Performed by me (John Wieczorek)
comment 15.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Part I: That water/slushy effect at the beginning sounds suspiciously like a slowed down version of someone brushing their teeth! Part I: The high pitch looped guitar part is a good reflection of some of Bill Frisell's looping on Americas Blood Safety In Numbers...another great looping CD for folks to check out.
3 Kevin Miller
stream trackload mp3   Treefrog Domain
Frankenstrat, RP-10, 2 Jammen, Vortex, a dash of E-Bow
comment 17.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Sounds like some intense guitar distortion/gain was used to create some of this track, which creates some interesting textures and harmonic background. I like the high tone, slide guitar melody throughout the piece....this reminds me very much of a tune on Bill Frisell's "American Blood Safety in Numbers", which I highly recommend for any looper or experimental musician's CD collection....done in the late 80s, by the way. Check out the first song of the CD, called "Rovers". You can hear it at Amazon.com.
4 Mark Christensen
stream trackload mp3   Wow and Flutter
Klein electric 12string, ART SGX Nightbass, Lexicon Jamman, Lex MPX100 - drums and bytes via Acid on laptop (ouch!). Recorded live at Cramped Quarters Studio Room B.
5 Fingerpaint
stream trackload mp3   Becoming Visible
Three or four Jammen, LXP5's, Vortex(maybe), Roland GR-300 + GR-1 guitar synths, SH-101. It's been a while since Fingerpaint (Steev Geest + myself - Patrick Smith) recorded the original tracks live to DAT. Steev did some editing w/some software. If anyone needs the name of the software, I'll find out. Then the drum tracks were recently added. This is the first track of our new CD "In the Loop". You can find us at www.fingerpaint.net
6 PJ Bishop
stream trackload mp3   XMAS on Easter Island
I converted a weird ESP guitar to baritone a few weeks ago. This is all baritone. Main loop is jamman. Cheesy realtime percussion via fingers on pads of Alesis drum machine. Also used delay path on Lexicon MPX100 and maybe Zoom 508 distortions & phasings. Not sure what else
7 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Mesmer
The basic track is a 2 minute or so loop of a Roland SH-101 (sequenced), a Roland Juno-6 (arpeggiator/hold), tree frogs (minidisc), a Yamaha DJX through a Korg SDD-1000, and an E-BOWED Fender precision bass (also through the Korg and a Boss DD-3) doing a lot of what sounds like guitar. Onto this, I overdubbed a minidisc loop of my bad drumming with fills played on the pads of an Alesis SR-16. Extra credit to anyone who knows the source of the female voice sample! The pseudo-dub bassline (part of which got erased: AAARGH!) is also the P-bass, and the guitar is a Tele split two ways: one (R) through a 1960 Gibson Ranger with no effects, the other (L) through a Boss TR-2 and a SansAmp
comment 17.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  The backdrop in the beginning of the song is beautiful....and the bass groove that eventually comes in is very tasteful and catchy, almost old Terje Rypdal sound in nature. Nice! Give me more of this and some "outside" melodic work on the top and I'll be in ecstasy. Nice job.
8 Morgan Hamilton Lang, a.k.a. SuperFluid
stream trackload mp3   Action Man Chase Theme (CT Edit)
Looped drums & bass, cut & paste vocal samples, turntables, and a couple 4-track tape-effects. The echo unit is just a Yamaha REV100. Progs are DECK 2.6x/SE16.
comment 15.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I wish I could have been at the event or conference where they were discussing the color-sound correlation....sounds interesting. What's your melody?
9 Bill Henson
stream trackload mp3   A Love Letter to the Crack Dealers on my Corner

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