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NEMO 031
year: 2009

project coordinator:Jim Goodin
mastering: Jim Goodin
artwork:Jim Goodin

Re·use (r-yz) tr.v. re·used, re·us·ing, re·us·es. To use again, especially after salvaging or special treatment or processing. [TheFreeDictionary.com]

Truer words could not have been said for this the 31st release of the world wide web experimental music community, CT-Collective. The idea for ReUse began one day when I was awaiting the train, holding a plastic drink cup and subconsciously moving the straw about its cover making the familiar 'squeaky' sound. I had just recently participated in the CT-Collective project CT-Generative and wanted to lead a project. I thought why not do a recording of music produced entirely from things we often throw away and thus ReUse was born. Jim Goodin, Brooklyn, NY

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16 Jim Goodin
stream trackload mp3   Spirit of the Wood, Dark Cobbled Streets
My track was inspired by two old acoustics that I inherited along the way that were headed for kindling. One came when I worked at MTV a few years ago. Under the desk I was assigned was a generic dreadnought 6 string acoustic that had a broken neck and lots of MTVish stickers on it. The other guitar was a cheap 12-string that I was given many years ago. The strings were very worn as I recall so I took them off and the neck so badly warped that it was like releasing a wild beast never to be controlled again. I always envisioned doing some kind of John Cage 'prepared' guitar with these instruments and dabbled with that a time or two.

Spirits began by me accidentally letting one of the guitars hit against the other and it produced this low sort dark sound like something groaning. Both guitars were losely strung with very old strings and no real sense of tuning which became my tuning for my piece actually.

I recorded @2 min of the banging against each other into an EHX 2880.

I later sat down with the two guitars and a beer bottle, initially to capture video for a promo for this CD planned for a post release idea. My video camera was limited to shooting in 40 sec intervals so I recorded several tracks in Audacity doing random percussive things as well as some fingerpicking that do to the lose strings and no real tuning became more like gamelan textures. Somewhere in that session I started using the beer bottle as a slide. Additionally while improvising with these ideas I began singing sort of a crying cat like voice into the 2880.

I had planned to isolate some of the Audacity trax but I began to listen to them all playing together and there was a certain semblance to it and that became the completion of my Spirit of the Wood, Dark Cobbled Streets.

I named the piece as the finished sound to my ears was like a carriage going down a dark cobble stone street with like metal hangings clanning as it traveled along. I also envisioned the hull of an old ship in the days when there was captured crew in the hull sentenced to rowing the boat.

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