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NEMO 028
year: 2008

project coordinator:Nick Robinson
mastering: Nick Robinson
artwork:Nick Robinson

The inspiration for this project was the signs of the zodiac. The idea seemed to promise strong themes, formed a coherent set, and required suitable numbers of contributors. Ronny arrived just too late, but he luckily discovered a 13th sign, so he made it in the end. As ever, we each interpreted the sign in our own special ways.

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 norelpref Aries
comment Aug 1, 2008: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  Amazing !!!
comment Aug 9, 2008: raul bonell
  lovely madness! ... heavyconfetti.
always refreshing these quick progressive mixes.

thumbs up!
2 David Cooper Orton Taurus
comment Aug 1, 2008: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  also amazing!
(the beginning reminds me of Hatfield & the North)
comment Aug 5, 2008: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  I reckon the spirit of Steve Howe is also in evidence - that proggy influence we too often resist ;) Good work DCO!
comment Aug 9, 2008: raul bonell
  i deeply like david's guitar playing, but as an extra plus, you got tons of musicianship behind his composition. players do they job but creators matter a lot.
3 Des Slow & The Stop Pills Gemini
4 Anders Östberg Cancer
  Underwater recording with stereo hydrophone
5 Jeff Lomas Leo
  Plodding little homage to Ry Cooder or something... Clean Acoustic Guitar + DL-4. Enjoy!
6 Sebastian Jantz Virgo
7 Rinus van Alebeek Libra
  4 dictaphone improvisations on a ten second church bell recording from Berlin Friedrichshain and mixed together using a 4-track.
8 Subscape Annex Scorpio
  Scorpion sounds recorded with contact microphones, then processed and layered in Audacity
comment Aug 9, 2008: raul bonell
  scary! ...
9 Jeffrey Letterly Sagittarius
  "Sagittarius" was created with computer-generated tones, appearing first in a high/low ostinato and then microtonal canons. These give way to a recording of rhubarb being pushed through a sieve while the kitchen sink drips.
10 Nick Robinson Capricorn
  Some ostinato guitar phrases in different time signatures, turning into a darker improv section.
comment Aug 6, 2008: mike (http://www.faithstrange.com)
  As beautiful as a vast wide open northern English sky...
11 Dwoogie Aquarius
  This is a re-imagining of the famous "Aquarius" song from the musical "Hair". More Dwoogieness online! This recording uses "breaking waves.wav" by reinsamba
12 Mike Fazio Pisces
comment Aug 5, 2008: nick (www.looping.me.uk)
  I love this piece of music....
13 Ronny Waernes Ophiuchus

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