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Teisha is now banned

NEMO 023
year: 2007

project coordinator:norelpref
mastering: norelpref

The project: Creating audio (musical / spoken word,combination, etc) using "spam" (or "unsolicited electronic mail") email text as lyrical or thematic content.

All works, unless specified otherwise, are under a Creative Commons License and can be also downloaded from archive.org

What began as a simple administrative announcement on a Yahoo Group has become a CT-Collective Project. A person, virtual or real or both, by the name of “Teisha” started spamming the group with clearly “off-topic” posts. Users complained, and the moderator of the group took action. He sent an email to all stating that “Teisha is now banned.” Then someone suggested (I don’t know whether seriously or not) that “Teisha is now banned” sounded like a good name for a CT-Collective project. A few others, including myself, chimed in and after some exchanges, the project was created, and later formalized. The guidelines were simple: create a piece of audio using “spam” content as main thematic material.

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 Adam J. Wimbush Teisha's Magic Atom
  In creating this piece I approached the concept of spam at a personal level. Every now and then I empty my hard-drive of folders containing sound experiments but nothing as extreme as actually deleting them completely, they make it to a CDR archive, were they remain in a digital deep freeze.By imagining these unused sound files as a kind of sonic spam, I’ve chosen files with specific atmospheres, which have been re-recorded in FFWD because when I was skipping through the tracks I thought this process resembled the way I navigate my inbox. So the results were deconstructed and rebuilt, mixing and looping the separate sounds to frame the lyrics, originally from spam mail ‘Subject’ lines that inevitably got elaborated and embellished upon.
2 Jagat Skad Cancer Money
  Digital Organs + Smashing Things + Bruckner + Spam Text
3 Subscape Annex Teisha
Used a few hundred subject and timestamps from my spam folder and had “Ralph” and “Victoria” read them using Mac OS X’s Text to Speech application, along with short “teisha” and “teisha has been banned” text files. Used Ambrosia’s WireTap Pro to record to QuickTime. Switched between the looped-in-QuickTime spoken word files fed into my multiple effects pedal signal chain, manipulated and captured loops as I went along creating layers.

Mac OS X Text to Speech
Ambrosia Software’s Wiretap Pro
QuickTime Player
Sound Soap

MacBook Pro
(loopers) Akai Headrush, Boss RC-20, RC-20XL, Digitech Jamman
(effects) Moog Moogerfooger lowpass filter, analog delay, super analog
delay, MuRF, bass MuRF
4 david cooper orton a teisha we all fall down
  dco - guitars, voice, sonic manipulations, Acidification, loops etc; text selected from a sequence of spam messages received on June 22nd 2007 - any narrative flow is purely coincidental…
comment Nov 20, 2007: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  It's like a radio play ... amazing stuff David! More of this!
comment Dec 6, 2007: Peter Gambles
  I thought this track was a brilliantly woven tapestry which segues from one piece of music to another, each in a different style, interleaved with passages of spoken word, and with a gradual building up of subtle references to spam as a plague. I still cant work out how it all hangs together, but it does, exquisitely. Probably my favourite track on an excellent CD.
5 Nick Robinson don't waste your weener
  acoustic/electric guitar and spam phrases arranged and processed using Ableton Live.
comment Dec 6, 2007: Peter Gambles
  This is the darker side of the internet, really nasty spam. The sort of guy you wouldnt want to meet in a lonely place on a dark night. The weird, almost mechanical, music, full of discord, combined with a sinister voice accentuated by an artificial-sounding reverb makes me really uneasy. I like it.
6 mank bored of spam
  trivia - the vocals were recorded on a ship on the arctic ocean.
7 Des Slow & The Stop Pills no subject
  Initially I used TalkBackToBasics to create audio versions of the Teisha related emails. I processed and manipulated these as loops which were then remixed to form the finished track. The source materials created in this project were quite varied and some will definitely be used in future projects.
comment Dec 6, 2007: Peter Gambles
  My initial reaction was that as a piece of noise music this was pretty good, but any connection with spam was not obvious. After a while though, you hear all the voices chattering in background. The sounds conjured up an image of some organic-mechanical hybrid. People trapped in a nest of mechanical rattlesnakes. Definitely not a place you want to be. Then it suddenly shifts into a different mode  peaceful, celestial, joyful, full or freedom. Whats this about? I read it as symbolic of how the internet could be without spam. Teisha has been banned. Worth repeated listenings.
8 Peter Gambles Silence is banned
  Spam, junk mail, telesales, muzak, TV, cellphone, carphone, don’tstop, shop til you drop, silence is banned.
Didgeridoo, native American drum, analogue electronic drone, transistor radio, electric guitars, softsynths, voice.
9 weg Teisha is banned
  I signed up for this song as it sounded like a great way to express some feelings on frustration. I was frustrated along with many other emotions when my wife left in June and would not speak to me…. but I could still get all the spam in the world whether I wanted it or not, frustrating…. I used a Roland Handsonic into a Gibson echoplex straight into my new Macbook. I played a Puerto Rican Cuatro made from Mango wood, along with some odd singing and whistling. I processed loops through an Alesis AirFX. I used some Garage band effects on some of the duplicate channels and some of the vocals.
10 rinus van alebeek Teisha in Delhi
  After a painfull and dangerous journey the author arives in India and has a chance meeting with Teisha. She has some joyous words for him before disppearing forever in the streets of Calcutta. Dictaphone recording, recomposed in Hars' living room in Vincennes.
11 Anders Östberg the v[agr@ effect
12 norelpref I be Circuitous
  I originally planned a musical rendition of Gogol’s “Dead Souls,” only using spam names as my fictional serfs, or “Spam Souls.” I recorded names of spam senders for a while and then read them all off as fast as I could. I incorporated that within a jumbled tapestry or voices and noises. The title “I Be Circuitous” was actually a subject from a spam email I received. I knew immediately it would be the title of my track….
comment Dec 6, 2007: Peter Gambles
  Oh yes. A good rhythm is trying to get established, but the voices in the background keep on getting in the way, forcing it to change. The voices, the voices, oh god, why wont they shut up. I cant concentrate. Its just non-stop, and I cant get passed this point  truly, I be circuitous. A really inventive piece, though I did wonder if it would have been even better a minute or so shorter. But maybe thats just my attention spam.

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