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NEMO 020
year: 2007

project coordinator:Krispen Hartung
mastering: Krispen Hartung
artwork:Krispen Hartung

All the songs on this CD were based on a set of sample recordings of a real MRI machine. The artists manipulated the samples with various effects and audio software, using the output as their final composition, or using it as a backdrop for adding additional recorded tracks from various Instruments.

Visit this website to view additional information on the project and buy the physical CD for cost (non-profit, manufacturing cost + shipping only): http://www.krispenhartung.com/mri/index.htm

I had a most exhilarating experience: my first MRI (on my lower back). This was amazing. I laid down on a sliding table, and they pushed me into a sarcophagus like tube with mere inches around my entire body. They put large, cold plastic headphones on my head, and then for the next 30 minutes I was eased into a seemingly euphoric and meditative state. What I heard were a series of fascinating sounds...from jackhammer-like hammering, to buzzing or vibrating cycles and bizarre sci-fi industrial like sounds, and so on. It was delightful. The MRI technician said it was a rarity for someone to actually enjoy that procedure. At one point in time, I was in a half waking/dream state and was wakened by my leg twitching. I could have stayed in there most of the day. And the amazing thing is that when I asked about the source of the sounds, the technician said they were not mechanically generated; rather, around my body, encased in metal, was a giant electrical coil surrounded by helium, chilled down to a cool minus 270 degrees. The sounds were a result of changes they were making in the electrical current and the resulting vibrations to the machine.
Anyway, I started thinking, I would love to have that 30 minutes captured on a digital recorder so that I could use it for looping or as an ambient backdrop to my more experimental looping

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1 Krispen Hartung
stream trackload mp3   Astrophonic Dreams in the Tube
6-String mandolin, Lenovo ThinkPad T60p notebook Computer (2.0GHz Intel core duo), Reaktor 5, Mobius live looping Software, custom MAX/MSP generated VSTs
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  I always enjoy Krispen's fertile and crisp imagination and how cleanly he renders complex patterns into an accessible medium. This cut from the beginning carries with it a wonderfully modal, airy, lightly pulsing ambience. I love the tone of what I presume is the 6-string mandolin. An exquisite treat for the ears, this.
comment 19.06.2008: brett diaz
  i just had the same experience. i had a lumbar spine mri and the sounds were great. i make electronic music as well. i would love to get a hold of a 30 minute recording of a mri especially of a lumbar spine one if any of you have one. i had an idea for a art show where visitors could slide into a crude recreation of an mri and experience the sounds.

comment 08.05.2009: mike
  a lot of people hate mri's because of the sounds but i always look forward to them and find them quite trippy - all these tracks are great - good luck :)
2 Adam Wimbush
stream trackload mp3   Par le descendeur d'esprit
MP3 players, Tascam mixer, EFX Units, "closed loop" monitoring/recording with Mac
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  The end of 2001: A Space Odyssey meets one of the Tibetan Bardos. Like Krispen's piece, I like the use of air and very subtle drone effects.
3 Rizzia
stream trackload mp3   Mood
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  I'm glad to be listening to these compositions with headphones. This one has very subtle panning, a kind of ethereal chimes breathing, undulating through the aural hemispheres. This seems the mood of a gentle celestial spirit. The drones here seem dark yet blithely curious, probing the atmosphere without needing to arrive anywhere in particular.
4 Fastus
stream trackload mp3   Magic Ride
Akai S5000 sampler, Korg Electribe R MKII, Cubase on PC, VSTs from Smartelectronix
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  "...and let go...." This appears more whimsical than the previous tracks, but is no lesser weight because of it. This is a magic ride, an ethereal journey with a smile. I really enjoyed the insertion of human voice; reminiscent of a distant, yet at the same time near and comforting guide through the bardos...
5 Fabio Anile
stream trackload mp3   Landing on Waters
Synth, real time looping, FXs on MRI sample
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  Wonderful synth padding, sweeps and dynamics. A landing on water as thin as air, in a body light enough to soar over the irridescent sea. Thus far, the CD seems the perfect soundtrack for an ethereal journey. Fascinating to take something like an MRI, which is considered medically "routine" and create something so "other worldly" with it.
6 Tony K.
stream trackload mp3   Doppler
Cut up samples with Sound Forge and reassembled in Sonar, FX by Waves, and free VSTs
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  This is a much more chaotic bardo, filled with much more energy, collisions, speed. True to the title, the sounds pan through the head, fade and expand, swell and recede. Feels like an ethereal freeway through space.
7 Rick Williamson
stream trackload mp3   Avant Candy
Mac G3 400 mHz, MAX/MSP, Pluggo, Sound Hack, SonicWorx, Performer
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  Going deeper. More reverberation, resonance. Feels like it's going to resolve only to move onto other sounds, noises, sensations. Sound track for a very cool Sci-Fi flick.
8 Rick Walker
stream trackload mp3   May Resonance Increase
Mac G4 800mGHz laptop computer, Windows XP PC (P4 2.4 GHz) desktop computer, FLStudio Producers Edition 5.0 Software, Bias Peak Software, Cycling 74 Pluggo and Hipno VST effects suites
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  Well, a bit of rhythm here. Slicing the atmosphere up into meter. Interesting how the beat gives a sense of "grounding," in an otherwise sidereal setting. The "calliope" sounds are very cool. Excellent end piece to a great CD. I applaud everyone on producing a great project.

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