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NEMO 014
year: 2003

project coordinator:Tim Nelson
mastering: Tim Nelson
artwork:Tim Nelson

All sounds on this project are the results of things being hit, struck, beaten, shaken and/or stirred.

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 Mank When Birds Panic
  I walked around my house with a screwdriver and my MD recorder and hit things, put the sounds through my machines and came out with this.
2 Porp The Louvre of Headaches
3 Rick Walker's Loop.pooL Liquid-Liquid
4 Dennis Leas John Cage Takes a Holiday
comment Apr 1, 2008: thierry kauffmann (myspace/thierrykauffmannmusic)

I am a friend of Dennis Leas and I'm trying to get hold of him. Thank you

5 The Ortones Corners, well-rowed
  David Cooper Orton - resonant domestic surfaces and appliances, kitchen `accoutrements' (eg: up-turned wok lid), wooden banisters and chairs, drum kit, computerised restructuring of these using Sonic Foundry Acid pH1
Michael Orton: drum kit, prepared drums, assorted percussive intercessions

Basically, Michael and I spent an afternoon wandering around our house at that time in Cornerswell Road, striking any immobile objects (resonant or otherwise) we encountered, until we had a fair number of sounds. I then recorded Michael playing some drum patterns, and edited-out some loops. We also did a sort of free form, Chris Cutler-style "waving sticks at the kit" duet which forms the last minute or so of the piece.
All of this was then sliced and diced in Acid pH1 on the family PC.
6 Gydja Crystal and Gold
comment Oct 18, 2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  This resonates with me deeply....probably because I am a fan of dark, obscure, and abstract music or ambient sounds. The reverb depth is just how I like it. I can't quite pinpoint what imagery this conjures for me, which I believe is a good thing. It is nebulous. Off hand, I think of a dark, deep abyss of mystery...existential angst and dread provoked by absolute freedom, and the terror of realizing choice in a world "beyond good and evil". Or is this really an ode to nothingness, reflections on one's own non-being....
7 Tim Nelson Whacked Ecstatic
  Sawblades, drumkit, cymbals, gongs, bongos, windchimes, maracas, open-end wrenches, bells, dumbek, cookie sheet, broken wooden tongue drum,
8 Michael Klobuchar Bang Dat Ting
  the last thing in the world that klobuchar is is a percussionist.....this project almost sent him over the top....."that's the wonderful thing about our projects, they send you into really unfamiliar areas and make you do things that you are not used to!"
9 James Pokorny Burfistan
10 Porp Metal Hummingbird
11 James Pokorny Rupahla Kira
12 Rick Walker's Loop.pooL Aluminum Milk Jug
13 Michael Klobuchar OK, Leave the Door Open
  another example of klobuchar being in over his head....."put down the drum monkey boy"
14 Dennis Leas The Pipe on the Black Nag

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