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Ambitative 2

NEMO 007-2
year: 2000

project coordinator:Raül Bonell Tomàs
mastering: Raül Bonell Tomàs
artwork:Michael Peters

it's ambient music, but not wussy. Part 2 of 2.

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 Aliensporebomb DarkOver II
  Equipment: Kawai K3 and Yamaha CS1X synthesizers, Charvel Model 4 guitar with EMG S/S/81 pickups and FAT boost, Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp, Lexicon Vortex.

Recorded at: Madsound, Minneapolis, MN Summer 1997

Mixed at: Madsound Digital, 2000

This track is actually an excerpt from a much longer piece wherein several synthesizers and a small amount of electric guitar is employed. What you hear is actually parts of the coda. All of the music was improvised.

Artists Comment:

The source tape of this music had been lying in a desk drawer for several years prior to the decision to use it for the Ambitative project. Another 35 minutes of the piece remains unheard by anyone other than the author and is much more guitar intensive.
2 Loop.Pool Winter Passes Quickly
  From the CD, "Loop.pooL"

I just started making computer music when I bought my first PC last winter. Normally I can't wait for winter to end and summer to begin but I was in a very melancholy mood and playing with the looping program ACID for the first time. I was really in love with the way odd loops sometimes create new harmonies randomly and my beginners mind and melancholic mood was broken by an unseasonly short California winter.

The artist resides in Santa Cruz, California.
Recorded on a PC with ACID and SOUND FORGE.
3 David P. Coffin New Ambion
  A straight-ahead one-take with the mighty VG-8, using a synth patch I call Glozzer, with an underlying loop of FX and a bit of post-processing with filter plug-ins.
4 Michael Peters Orllyndie
  Orllyndie is the name of a strange but idyllic forest planet from an SF novel.
The piece was constructed using samples of:
a balaphone, a tropical birdcall, another birdcall (that I had tried to record from out of a hotel bathroom window while the water system was hissing loudly), and a ney flute. Granular synthesis was applied to some of the sounds, others were simply played back using a sampling keyboard.
5 David Cooper Orton In Galleries, Whisper...
  guitar, ebow, voice, loops, processing, edit etc.

The title is inspired, in part, by a visit with my son to the Whispering Gallery at St. Paul's Cathedral in London and looking out across the Thames at Tate Modern, the art museum housed in the former power station, a building which my father had pointed-out to me many years ago from his office window on Queen Victoria Street. Cycle and re-cycle.

Oblique Strategies random selection: Remember quiet evenings
6 Liverpool Mandala Causeffect
  alesis sr16 drum machine and bird samples, signals routed through a moog low-pass filter, boss digital delays, t.c. electronics chorus+pitch/flange and roland vs8f-1.

recorded one evening in may 2000 on two stereo tracks.
comment Jun 2, 2009: Erixoff (https://www.youtube.com/user/erixoff)
  Nice sweet dreamy tune, kind of calm trip into sleep.
Need more ambiances and sounds like this :-)
7 R. Mutt Zex (Edit)
  A classical piece of this genre. Processed touch guitar through two unsync short delays.
comment Jun 2, 2009: Erixoff (https://www.youtube.com/user/erixoff)
  Incredible beauty ! Bravo !
8 Echovirus Eros Dioptra (CT Mix)
  Eros Dioptra is a MIDI process improvisation recorded live, in real time.
9 Matt Davignon Fuzzy Sweater
  Recorded entirely from an inhaling whistle sample on a Casio SK-1, imitating natural phenomena (wind chimes).
10 Loop.pooL The Box
  From the CD, "Loop.pooL"

I just finished this track as my first commission for a national dance troupe. The first ostinato was created with a found sound "MIKEYPHONE", gifted to me by the brilliant electronic musician, Michael Haumesser: It uses large, water filled oatmeal tins suspended from a wooden box with thick rubber bands. Played with the fingers, the pitch modulate with the bouncing of the cans. The second section (also inspired by Michael's NotNoise treated guitar project) was played with a stratocaster, capoed up high and "prepared" with alligator clips, then played with plastic martini stirrers.

Recorded in ACID with a LINE 6 DDL-looper, MIKEYPHONE, whirly gigs and an Alesis QSR synthesizer

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