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  Raül Bonell Tomàs    

email raul.bonell@gmail.com 
url http://raulbonell.tumblr.com  

Raül Bonell Tomàs coordinated these CT projects:
Ambitative 2 Ambitative 1

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1 Where we're at 2017
stream trackload mp3   Improvisation
improvisation on Touch Guitar
2 Harmonics
stream trackload mp3   Under
raül bonell: electronics / imma tomàs: piano. lo-fi recording of piano overtones into five12 numerology, triggered using the onboard 'evolve' functions. idem with the internal OS X speech voices, driven by numerology algorithms. incidental sounds build ITB using additive synthesis (which was born out of the overtones physics!) no samples, except for the piano.
comment 17.05.2011: Roger "ErocNet" Sundström (http://erocnet.bandcamp.com)
  Very nice texture here, the dynamic mixtures with the sounds. Good composition!
comment 12.05.2011: Anton Mobin (http://antonmobin.blogspot.com/)
  what a great composition ! probably my favourite one !
thx !!!
comment 10.05.2011: Jim Goodin (woodandwiremusic.wordpress.com)
  highly creative and mysterious Raul.
comment 09.05.2011: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  I love this. Could listen to this stuff for hours
comment 31.05.2011: Richard Wixner (www.anotherplanerecords.com)
  Innovative! Really liked the vocal treatments. Very interesting and mysterious.
3 Reverb
stream trackload mp3   Burning Poles
rb: piano. this is a piano impro in classroom, recorded, two meters apart, using the zoom h2. opened windows in order to capture outside sounds (bird singing) as well as noises inside the room (breathing, body noises, piano pedals, old chair, etc). then made some edits and wrapped all this with a rather unnatural convolution reverb
comment 03.08.2010: raul bonell
  @rick. no, i am not. is that a plugin verb? it would be cool to give it a try. thanx.
comment 03.08.2010: rick walker (www.looppool.info)
  I love that the piano IS a reverb............your playing with the sonorous quality of the instrument and the convolution reverb is very cool. By the way, are you hip to the Piano Verb? It's a digital simulation of playing any instrument into the body of grand piano with the lid up........a very cool reverb. I've got it if you don't have it.
comment 03.08.2010: Steve Moyes (stevemoyes.org.uk)
  I love the sound of this, Raul. Even with the "unnatural" reverb it seems to reain a kind of "classroom" sound. Nice playing too!
comment 03.08.2010: raul bonell
  yessz, anders. it is the groove of the future! just joking. i use to tag my tracks with "porn" hoping that this would give them more coverage :-)))))
comment 02.08.2010: Anders Östberg (www.andersostberg.net)
  Porn groove!
comment 02.08.2010: Stephen Scott
  How beautiful this is.
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  As Michael says, beautiful. Atmospheric and moody. Very nice.
comment 02.08.2010: Michael
  very beautiful Raul !!
4 Quartet
stream trackload mp3   Recontracollons
it's a kind of jazz quartet with guitar (nylon acoustic), piano, drums & double bass. of course all of them virtual instruments. another frankenstein baby totally improvised, with each part played without listening to the other backing tracks and then pasted on top, with tiny edits (ending). for the input i used a 25 keys midi keyboard as sole instrument. first takes only! ..
5 ReUse
stream trackload mp3   Òxid
a set of old guitar strings, sampled and played with pitch, delay & filter treatments.
6 Nature
stream trackload mp3   At Nights
Walks into wilderness around town by late night. This is kind of a generative piece. Collected samples into a pool, random triggered plus wurlitzer+strings driven by fractal formulae (thus the connection with the main theme) all these treated using exclusively delay & pitch based fx.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  hi raul
this had me hooked waiting for the next sound, like turning the pages of a book, interesting narrative
ps. i'd be more than happy to 'mix' a project
comment 13.10.2008: michael (www.michaelpeters.de)
  wonderful Raul !! very inspiring. More of this please!
7 Ambitative 2
stream trackload mp3   Zex (Edit)
A classical piece of this genre. Processed touch guitar through two unsync short delays.
comment 02.06.2009: Erixoff (www.youtube.com/user/erixoff)
  Incredible beauty ! Bravo !
8 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream trackload mp3   75 Second Improvised Piece for Digital Piano (Broken) and On-board Digital Metronom
Improvised modal cadence. Due to a broken chip, the playing on the old electric piano affected the free will of the built in metronome. Also changed dynamics in some keys at random.
9 Found Sound
stream trackload mp3   A Cau de Figa Reial
Some small sound files from trimmered parts of my first stick recordings plus some overdubs as embellisments, of course, looped ad infinitum.
10 Found Sound
stream trackload mp3   Infent-905/Coda: Lligant el Perfum
Samples from the computer. Probably intended for event sounds, demo sounds, etc... of some unused aplications. Even the great Enrico shows up!
11 Europe
stream trackload mp3   Lotus Resoluble
Short stick loop layered with extreme processing on pitch. One of the first times I was using the modern digital effects processors.
12 Europe
stream trackload mp3   Trait Mediatzant per Marranxo
Once created the rythm loop with some hits on my stick, I start adding the usual dreamy stuff. The best, the track's title. I can't figure out how I arrived to it. An aproximated translation: " Betrayed speaking on behalf of a pig "
13 Europe
stream trackload mp3   R&D
Raul and David - a piece of research and development, a work in progress, perhaps. In the spirit of the chain tape idea, as the next recipient after Raul, I borrowed some of his work and swathed it in ebows and guitars, with some extra percussion, and ACIDified the whole melange.

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