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  Michael Peters   a.k.a. veloopity  

email mp@michaelpeters.de 
url http://www.michaelpeters.de  
addressNeuensaaler Str. 35, D-51515 Kürten, Germany  
aboutI started playing guitar in the early seventies, mostly playing in open improvisation bands. In the eighties, I played in new age bands, punk and rock bands, and open improvisation orchestras, and took some Guitar Craft lessons from Fripp. In the nineties, I played with a cover band and a Guitar Craft inspired ensemble. During the last years, I mostly played with avant rock and open improv bands again.

I have always used electronics and strange devices to make my guitar sound unusual, and loop delays and computers to construct unusual pieces of solo music. All of my CT tracks were done directly in the computer - now that I think of it, I didn't play guitar on any of them ...

Since 2003, I've been experimenting with real-time looping and cut-up collage techniques using a simple radio as input, being fascinated by the unpredictability of that sound source.

and I've built this website ... that was big fun and a very satisfying task.  

Michael Peters coordinated these CT projects:
Where we're at 2017 One Minute Film

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 Where we're at 2017 November Under The Stairs
  how my piano (that sits under the stairs) feels in November
2 Where we're at 2017 Alright Alright
  Rhythm done in Borderlands, granular synthesis of a bamboo field recording. Voice done with Pink Trombone
3 One Minute Fractronics
  guitar and an Expertsleepers plugin called "Crossfade Loop Synth"
comment May 19, 2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  The bells! The bells! Impressively unguitar-like!
4 One Minute Bursts 1
  algorithmic music created by my old fractal software "HOP", similar to what you can hear on the CD "Impossible Music" but more contemporary sounds
5 One Minute Bursts 2
  algorithmic music created by my old fractal software "HOP", similar to what you can hear on the CD "Impossible Music" but more contemporary sounds
6 One Minute CheapSwitterBeat
  harmonic inventions played on "Romantic Strings" samples of an Optigan (an ancient optical disc based sampling keyboard)
comment May 19, 2012: Rick Walker (www.youtube.com/looppool)
  This music sounds like it comes from a forgotten time, long ago, but in a similar but alternate reality. It is extremely evocative and moving to me.
7 Domestic Purrscape
  no, not a synth :)
comment Jan 25, 2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  I guess this is an old analogue synth? Something like the Wasp? Intriguing! It left me in a catatonic state...

comment Jan 25, 2012: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  an analog cat, rather :) his name is Muckel
comment Jan 27, 2012: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Go, cat, go!
comment May 6, 2012: Rinus Van Alebeek (www.zeromoon.com/rinus/)
  There is a point of rest in every house. Cats can define this moment at its best. But what Michale does is to underline the fun factor of a cat,the moment you start to tease it, and the cat fakes it is asleep. Fun!
8 Harmonics The Resonant World
  "The Resonant World" is based on comb filter resonance (a special case of harmonics). Underwater recordings of pebbles moved by surf get harmonized by a comb filter drone; later in the piece, drum sounds get harmonized by comb filtered guitar chords. The vocals are based on a granular synthesis treated excerpt of Djurdjura's piece "A Dezzi a Saa". Mastered by Walter Brühn
comment May 10, 2011: Jim Goodin (woodandwiremusic.wordpress.com)
  Michael vast and atmospheric as always, almost hear so much Fripp in your work, excellent.
comment May 10, 2011: raül bonell (raulbonell.tumblr.com)
  michael, your work has reached such a level of maturity that everything you do, either more accessible or experimental, is always of the highest quality.
comment May 17, 2011: Roger "ErocNet" Sundström (http://erocnet.bandcamp.com)
  Lovely track, like the way you build up the feeling in the track and a great solo...
9 Generative Under The Bridge
  (source track for the generative mix on CT-Generative)
10 Birds and Men Lark Machine
  This consists of electronically treated recordings of songs of a lark (alauda arvensis,there are many images of it on the web), plus string chords which I stole from Morton Feldman, and slowed down drastically
11 Papermusic Rascheln Knallen Quietschen
  all sounds generated with nothing but paper and treated with granular synthesis.
I created a number of single tracks using specific paper sounds and suitable specific granular synth treatments and mixed them in Adobe Audition.

12 Great Speeches Moon 1969
  John F. Kennedy, 1961: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth"
See this page for details
13 Film Central Dream Park
  Music for the closing scene of an imaginary impressionist feature about Central Park. All sounds come from the M-Tron mellotron sample library.
comment Dec 27, 2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I love the vocal harmonies on this, with their tight tone clusters and polytonal texture. It sort of reminds me of the vocal parts that were used on the Planet of the Apes movie where Taylor found the cave and the bald headed people who had survived the nuclear holocaust and could read minds.
14 Film Das Geräusch
  Soundtrack for an imaginary German trailer of "Earth vs. the flying saucers". Granulated rattan sofa, half speed mellotron, various sounds, speech samples.

Translated libretto:

man1: listen! what is it?
woman: what do you mean?
man1: this is the noise!
woman: this is the noise!
woman: this is the noise!
man1: this is the noise that was on our tape. we could not understand the words because the tape was running too fast
man2: we have only heard some unintelligible noises - but they didn't make sense to us
alien: we have a completely different rhythm of time here
alien: (sings in alien language)
woman: was that a saucer ... a flying saucer?
man1: we have seen something that one could take for a flying saucer ...

movie links:
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0049169 (has link to old trailer)
comment Dec 27, 2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Oh yes...I love this song too...very ominous and dark sounding...you can't help that when you use the tri-tone interval! :) The funny thing is that I have the movie "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" on DVD, as well as about 70 other classic 50's and 60s sci-fi DVDs. I eat this stuff up like candy. Thank you, Michael! I clearly remember the scene in the movie that you call out as well. Great movie, up there with The Day the Earth Stood Still, This Island Earth, War of the World, etc.
comment Apr 28, 2006: fabio anile (http://xoomer.virgilio.it/eterogeneo/)
  I dont' know the original film, neither the original soundtrack, but I really like how your track sounds. It's dark and obscure, and the final result is really impressive.
15 Where We're At Une danse dans la cuisine du Roi de Beteigeuze
  The track was composed of these sounds (can you spot them?):

a vocal sample from a renaissance music cd - the cracking of an aluminium yoghurt package lid - a large wooden paper pulp stamper driven by a water wheel - a metal leg of a table - the squeaking and honking of mushrooms being cut with a knife. Everything was put together using Sonic Foundry's Acid software.
comment Oct 16, 2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Very, very creative and clever. The sound of mushrooms? This is brilliant. You must have had the mic level cranked to ultra sensitivity. What's the translation..."Dance In The Kitchen Of King De Beteigeuze"?
comment Sep 8, 2005: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  > "You must have had the mic level cranked to ultra sensitivity"

no, actually the mushrooms are quite loud. :-) Try it.
16 Location Volume 1 Biesfeld
  Kürten, Germany
  Biesfeld is a village in a rural area (Bergisches Land) just east of Cologne, Germany. Hills, small towns, small forests, meadows, small rivers, agriculture, horses, cows.
You hear: songbirds - a vibrating fence wire - steps in the snow - cracking ice on puddles - airplane - water in a creek - hen - a horse - wind in large plastic sheets - an owl - chainsaws on a construction site - kids playing - crickets - a car - thunder.
Tools used: DAT recorder - Cubase - Granulab - Audiomulch - Wavewarp.
17 Object/Videogame balloon
  All sounds were generated using a small inflatable toy balloon. The sounds were then modified using Granulab and Audiomulch
18 Ambitative 2 Orllyndie
  Orllyndie is the name of a strange but idyllic forest planet from an SF novel.
The piece was constructed using samples of:
a balaphone, a tropical birdcall, another birdcall (that I had tried to record from out of a hotel bathroom window while the water system was hissing loudly), and a ney flute. Granular synthesis was applied to some of the sounds, others were simply played back using a sampling keyboard.

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