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  Michael Klobuchar   a.k.a. s.g. , a.k.a. Klôbüchar  

email nemoguitt@aol.com 
url http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepmeci/  
address352 grace st pittsburgh pa 15211  
aboutthere is nothing to say!

Michael Klobuchar coordinated these CT projects:
Poem Bluezette Akapella East Coast Middle America Europe West Coast

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 Where we're at 2017 Nickola and I
2 Generative Dreaming of dust and water
  (source track for the generative mix on CT-Generative)
3 Live syd's ghöst
  ty moyer: drums
john belizio: guitar & loops
nick mancini: bass
michael klobuchar: guitar & loops
comment Oct 16, 2006: eterogeneo (http://xoomer.alice.it/eterogeneo/)
  Wow, what an interesting free improvvised collective ! This track is one my preferred.

4 Poem Stooges
  this trac was added to fill out the CD
5 Poem It's About Shirts
  the writings on the wall
but it's getting hard to read
i need some thicker glasses
for my eyes to truely feed
upon the mysteries within the light
why do i feel that's it's becoming an endless night.

the horses in the stable
the chickens on their eggs
i need some plastic kneecaps
so i can use my legs
and run around in circles
serving you
that's not exactly what
i really want to do!

this was klobuchar's first adventure with ablton live.....he had recorded many versions on his 4 trac.....alas, the tape deck not only ate the master tape but then died the death......klobuchar was crushed and rushed this thru on a recorder lent to him by mr. gary l out in cali land.....a sad tale, no?
6 Poem Auto Destruct Sequence
  this track was added to fill out the CD
7 Where We're At Mono Pod Dance
  at this point klobuchar was into post loop manipulation.....minimal input munged up a bit
8 Percussion Bang Dat Ting
  the last thing in the world that klobuchar is is a percussionist.....this project almost sent him over the top....."that's the wonderful thing about our projects, they send you into really unfamiliar areas and make you do things that you are not used to!"
9 Percussion OK, Leave the Door Open
  another example of klobuchar being in over his head....."put down the drum monkey boy"
10 Acoustic Something on a Ritz
  klobuchar cheated on this.....he used his carvin ae-185..... "i have no idea how to get a good acoustic guitar sound recorded".....what a wimp!......that aside, this is an example of his "straight ahead simple musix" (guitar style)
11 Bluezette ZolloFF BLue
  klobuchar came to the blues late in life.....perhaps that is why he had to take anti-depressents....."da blues is da mother of all loops" blind willy rahcubolk.....this is an example of live looped blues.....baby!
12 Philter Phrenzy Nothing Ever Disappears
  when this project was first started, klobuchar asked "what's a filter?".....yikes, cave living at its best.....klobuchar used found sounds off of his computer his rang and his other tools
13 Philter Phrenzy Oh BiTe Me
  three simple words found on the computer sent into several of klobuchar's boxes
14 Philter Phrenzy Toot's Tune
  another backwards/forwards/guitar piece.....klobuchar thought that the guitar sounded like a harmonica thus the "toot's" in the name
15 Seventy-Five Seconds #6
  of course klobuchar had to go over 75 seconds....."damn the rules!".....another of klobuchar's guitar loops
16 Seventy-Five Seconds #1
  klobuchar claims that this is a loop taken from an old english version of the "our father".....at the time klobuchar felt that looped prayers would work the same as a tibetan prayer wheel
17 Found Sound The Merry-Go-Round
  "a weird ride through a strange carnival" bob at the 7-11.....this was one of the only times that klobuchar used a 4 trac cassette recorder with his looping gear.....therefore an example of non-live looping
18 Middle America Nemo's Tune
  a simple guitar loop.....no more no less

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