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  Matt Davignon   a.k.a. Tape Recorder , a.k.a. The Electric Friends  

email mattdavignon@hotmail.com 
url http://mattdavignon.iuma.com  
aboutHi. I like to find new unconventional ways to think about and produce music. Lately, my instruments have been pre-recorded media (records, CD's, live broadcasts). I also use samplers, bass, casio keyboards, altered acoustic guitar, toys/objects, my voice, and lots of other sound-makers I can find. While I don't go out of my way to be "weird" anymore, I try to make music that is beautiful in completely new ways.  

Matt Davignon coordinated these CT projects:
Location Volume 2 Location Volume 1 Product Source Found Sound

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1 Live
stream trackload mp3   live @ loop festival 10-8-05
2 Where We're At
stream trackload mp3   Either Yolk or Urine
comment 09.12.2004: klobuchar
  matt davignon is da man!.....i want to form a MATT DAVIGNON COVER BAND!!!!!are ya with me?????
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Besides the fact that the title of this song is pleasantly disgusting, Mr. Davignon's bizarre material never ceases to amaze me...especially since I saw him loop live in Santa Cruz for Y24K. This song is minimalist in terms of tone diversity, but full of personality. Toward the end, I like the pauses and re-starts. Might this song be the sound of an alien spaceship with a bad muffler or ignition problem? :)
3 Location Volume 1
stream trackload mp3   The Truth is Marching On
San Francisco, California, USA
Recorded and arranged by Matt Davignon. Protestors for KPFA recorded at the Embarcadero Center in San Franisco. A very simple
additive process involving a short fragment of the main loop.
4 Location Volume 1
stream trackload mp3   Friction
San Francisco, California, USA
The screeching noise is a MUNI
escalator at half speed. There are also basketball players in Delores Park, a farmers market at the Embarcadero,
and traffic/construction sounds from around the city.
5 Acoustic
stream trackload mp3   Potential Energy
6 Product
stream trackload mp3   Osmosis (Three Views)
7 Source
stream trackload mp3   slowed down/edited violin sample
8 Source
stream trackload mp3   distorted tape of tarot reading
9 Source
stream trackload mp3   backwards acoustic guitar and udu echo
10 Source
stream trackload mp3   freezer shelves
11 Source
stream trackload mp3   straw
12 Source
stream trackload mp3   drum machine
comment 08.10.2004: Michael Peters
  this blew my mind, man
13 Source
stream trackload mp3   40's loop
14 Object/Videogame
stream trackload mp3   super metroid suite
15 Ambitative 2
stream trackload mp3   Fuzzy Sweater
Recorded entirely from an inhaling whistle sample on a Casio SK-1, imitating natural phenomena (wind chimes).
16 Bluezette
stream trackload mp3   7 Dead Squirrels
comment 13.10.2004: Todd Madson (http://pod.ath.cx/)
  This is one of the coolest tracks ever recorded by anyone, anywhere.
comment 12.03.2005: klobuchar (n/a)
17 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream trackload mp3   Dirty Romp
18 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream trackload mp3   #5
19 Akapella
stream trackload mp3   4 Mute Fishermen
20 Found Sound
stream trackload mp3   When You All
21 Found Sound
stream trackload mp3   You're Like a Fart
22 West Coast
stream trackload mp3   Orange Splatter Pattern
23 West Coast
stream trackload mp3   Remix of Bobdog, Greg Meredith, and Alan Imberg (CT-West)
24 West Coast
stream trackload mp3   Remix of Travis Weller and Scott Kungha Drengsen (CT-West)
25 West Coast
stream trackload mp3   Remix of Miko Biffle (CT-West)

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