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  Nick Robinson    

email nick@12testing.net 
url http://www.looping.me.uk  
aboutGuitar looper based in Sheffield. Keen to play anywhere and collaborate in almost any kind of project!  

Nick Robinson coordinated these CT projects:
Harmonics Reverb Quartet Zodiac Birds and Men Birds Papermusic

The copyright to each song belongs to the respective artist.
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1 One Minute
stream trackload mp3   My Newt
Out of my comfort zone with 5/4 time and dadgad tuning! Aimed to give the melody a flutey feel...
2 One Minute
stream trackload mp3   sexaginta secundis
A mashup of some live pieces...
3 Harmonics
stream trackload mp3   Ahhhh, Monique!
A telecaster, tuned to E F C G B C generated all the harmonics on this track using fingers and a violin bow. Post-processed and arranged using Ableton Live. For more info, see www.looping.me.uk
comment 18.05.2011: Roger "ErocNet" Sundström (http://erocnet.bandcamp.com)
  Very good production, nice sounds and distinct composition. Like this one.
comment 11.05.2011: raül bonell (raulbonell.tumblr.com)
4 Reverb
stream trackload mp3   Overture
I thought it would be a nice idea to merge the tracks together for an overture - all the artists involved gave me carte blanche, so only have themselves to blame ;)
comment 03.08.2010: rick walker (www.youtube.com/looppool)
  Beautiful work on this whole project, Nick (and everyone). How did I miss that this was happening? I would so have loved to have contributed. I was even thinking that it might be cool to have a space on the website for artists to contribute 'answer' songs that are inspired by these beautiful collective works that the CT-Collective puts out. Youtube has a similar thing.......answer a video with a video......a song with a song.

Anyway, I"ve listened to the whole thing tonight and I'm very inspired, folks....thanks muchly.
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Developed nicely from the rough mix version of which I was permitted a sneak preview. Fine example of the contrasting styles and sounds that are to follow...
5 Reverb
stream trackload mp3   Battle of the Reverb Plate
Loopy type acoustic guitar treated with a variety of Ableton reverbs and panned slightly
comment 03.08.2010: Stephen Scott
  Not just you David, very Michael Hedges. Really nice piece of work Nick, as usual.
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Really liking the chordal work - reminding me of Michael Hedges, but that's likely just me?
6 Quartet
stream trackload mp3   Fourplay
I had a piece half-way complete, but abandoned it and started again. I found an old midi snippet from an exercise in whole tones from many years ago and decided to do the whole piece through midi. I did a crash course in Ableton midi and put the notes and arrangement together fairly rapdily. What took ages was choosing the sound to be used! In the end, I settled on one called "piano for airports"! Don't ask me how the melody and timing came about, I just moved notes around until it sounded right.
comment 01.06.2009: Erixoff (www.youtube.com/user/erixoff)
Simple but great tune Nick !
I love the strangeness that comes sweetly and then sits down quietly.
7 Generative
stream trackload mp3   Under The Bridge
(source track for the generative mix on CT-Generative)
8 Nature
stream trackload mp3   Bleaklow
I had no preconceived idea of the music, except to create a mood. To befit my current status, this turned out fairly dark. The idea is you're stood as an observer on Bleaklow moor (in Yorkshire), in light rain. The sun emerges, but in the end a storm looms. The guitar element is taken frm a gig I played in the open air, combined with an obscure sample from the 60s, slowed way down. Arranged using Ableton live
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  the standard is set, and it's high, awesome
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  another winner if not for the experimentalism (uff!),
but for the determination to combine such a wide array of
colours and make it work. creator unmasked, mr. nick!
.. how i love gtr. intro!.
at first listen seemed a string quartet of his own... was it?.
9 Zodiac
stream trackload mp3   Capricorn
Some ostinato guitar phrases in different time signatures, turning into a darker improv section.
comment 06.08.2008: mike (http://www.faithstrange.com)
  As beautiful as a vast wide open northern English sky...
10 Acoustic II
stream trackload mp3   vivacia
Legacy LED2oCE acoustic, DI'd direct into Ableton live. I started with a finger-picked chord sequence, then added some "bass", harmonics and e-bow
11 Birds and Men
stream trackload mp3   Pheasant Plucking
Various bird samples combined with excerpts from a live recording made at a solo gig in Norwich. Arranged and mastered using Ableton. Any Floydian influences were purely accidental
12 Birds
stream trackload mp3   Careless Raptor
Various bird samples arranged and mastered using Ableton
13 Teisha is now banned
stream trackload mp3   don't waste your weener
acoustic/electric guitar and spam phrases arranged and processed using Ableton Live.
comment 06.12.2007: Peter Gambles
  This is the darker side of the internet, really nasty spam. The sort of guy you wouldnt want to meet in a lonely place on a dark night. The weird, almost mechanical, music, full of discord, combined with a sinister voice accentuated by an artificial-sounding reverb makes me really uneasy. I like it.
14 Papermusic
stream trackload mp3   Canson
Various paper samples taken from the Jackson library, plus others recorded direct onto the PC. The samples were arranged and effected using Ableton Live.
comment 02.08.2007: Rick Walker (www.looppool.info)
  This is just exquisitely beautiful to me.
Thanks for making this piece of music.
I just love the paper textures, being a great fan of glitching, slicing, distorting and , otherwise, 'smearing' sound.

Nice work, Nik!
comment 20.04.2007: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  it's amazing how similar but so different these tracks are, you can really hear the artists minds at work here, it's warming to hear the tiny resemblance's and recurring sounds make there way through the entire album, a really really nice union between the artists, you all should be proud, i am to be part of this project
Hats off to you Nick a work i'll cherish for time

ps. this tune is the one i wanted to make, a perfect ending

15 Great Speeches
stream trackload mp3   Fight'em on the Beaches
A speech by Winston Churchill, 1940. I added looped guitar, plus a field recording of skylarks, in a tribute to the "nightingales and bombers" classic.
comment 29.11.2007: Peter Gambles
  Possibly my favourite piece from an excellent collection. The music captures both the sombreness of war and the spirit of hope, and the selection and cutting of the speech, with some repeating of key phrases, makes the whole piece gell. The archetypical English summer sound of skylarks is a masterly final touch. Very moving.

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