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  Walter Brühn    
email walterbruehn@netcologne.de 
url http://www.myspace.com/mcgrasrat  
addressauerstr. 24; 50733 köln; germany  

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1 Where we're at 2017
stream trackload mp3   Never say H while playing a B
A new guitar and a new programmed looper equals new ideas. The title admittedly deals with a German problem of the notation of the international "B" named as "H". Maybe the pun works only in Germany. The acoustic guitar was the only overdub in this track, no further cuts in there.
2 Film
stream trackload mp3   Katharina's Reich
One scene among others.
Human beings, frantic, impatient, looking for their meaning of life amongst the crowd.
Tunnel views on beings which are either professionally in a good mood, or know that it is all over before it starts.

1.) 00:00 - 00:08
Quick fade up, students entering a lecture room, zoom on a young man who is visible in an indisposed mood.
Flying Steady over his head, following him.

2.) 00:08 - 00:12
Cut: maybe white flash
Steady flying on mumbling lips

3.) 00:12 - 00:18
Cut: maybe white flash
Young man, helpless, Steady 360° fly

4.) 00:18 - 00:31
He sits down, Steady in his line of sight. On the professor's stage men waving their hats to and fro in mannequin manner (or doing a can-can?):
Hitler, Stalin, Adenauer, Mao, Kohl, Roosevelt, Kissinger...
Fade to black

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