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  norelpref   a.k.a. heavyconfetti  

email blackcherrystrat@yahoo.com 
url http://www.heavyconfetti.com  
aboutnorelpref (aka) HeavyConfetti is the name of a creative entity, either too eclectic for it's own good, or blessed with an overabundance of attention deficit disorder. Main interests vary from shred guitar to jazz to ambient, blues, avant garde to mashing stuff, to remixing things and perpetrating all kinds of sound collage and aural experimentation.  

norelpref coordinated these CT projects:
Acoustic II Teisha is now banned

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1 Zodiac
stream trackload mp3   Aries
comment 01.08.2008: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  Amazing !!!
comment 09.08.2008: raul bonell
  lovely madness! ... heavyconfetti.
always refreshing these quick progressive mixes.

thumbs up!
2 Acoustic II
stream trackload mp3   cambria
There's a wonderful little store/nursery in Cambria called "Heart's Ease," which has in the garden a gazebo filled with a variety of chimes and bells. I stood in the center of it and recorded the sound of the bells as the winds caused their metals to collide in some beautiful tonalities and resonances. I did this on two separate occasions and blended them together. I added a finger picked acoustic guitar accompaniment which is decidedly influenced by Eva Cassidy's version of "Cathy's Song," which I'd been listening to at the time.
comment 15.04.2008: nick robinson
  I really enjoy listening to this - the chiming bells add such atmosphere.
3 Birds and Men
stream trackload mp3   Becket
I took samples of my beloved parrotlet, Becket, from when he was only a few months old. I then decided to make a kind of "world music" groove thing, with a booming bass, copious amounts of percussion and layered guitar patterns. Along with the squeaks and flourishes produced by Becket is featured an acoustic guitar lead throughout
4 Birds
stream trackload mp3   Italian Gulls
Originally I had planned to feature audio of a variety of birds captured early in the morning at Zaca Lake, California. However, I used my miniDV camera to get the sounds and unfortunately I couldn't get rid of the slightly high-pitched hum of the camera itself! I tried all kinds of noise reduction and EQ tweaking but to no avail. So I went to the freesounds
project (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/) and scored some samples of sea gulls taken in Italy,which I remixed and concatenated for my piece. Some of the warblings sounded like a human infant, which intrigued me
5 Teisha is now banned
stream trackload mp3   I be Circuitous
I originally planned a musical rendition of Gogol’s “Dead Souls,” only using spam names as my fictional serfs, or “Spam Souls.” I recorded names of spam senders for a while and then read them all off as fast as I could. I incorporated that within a jumbled tapestry or voices and noises. The title “I Be Circuitous” was actually a subject from a spam email I received. I knew immediately it would be the title of my track….
comment 06.12.2007: Peter Gambles
  Oh yes. A good rhythm is trying to get established, but the voices in the background keep on getting in the way, forcing it to change. The voices, the voices, oh god, why wont they shut up. I cant concentrate. Its just non-stop, and I cant get passed this point  truly, I be circuitous. A really inventive piece, though I did wonder if it would have been even better a minute or so shorter. But maybe thats just my attention spam.
6 Caligari
stream trackload mp3   Soundtrack 1, Act 5
I watched the film sans any sound a few times, then watched Act 5 a number of times. I wanted to do something "trip hoppy," kind of atmospheric or ethereal and while there are some drony moments, the track turned out more dramatic to match the breakdown of our anti-hero, Dr. Caligari. So you have some strings going nuts, some atonality and jazz chords.... Most of the work was done with the Roland GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer.
7 Papermusic
stream trackload mp3   Pulp Friction
I went to a stationery shop and selected a wide variety of paper: different weights and textures. Then I recorded a variety of "paper noises," such as folding, crumpling, ripping, etc. I recorded them while listening to a metronome on headphones, which rapped out 120 beats per minute. I wanted the piece to have some rhythmic structure. I've been listening to the music of Varese and I suppose that was my main inspiration. The paper noise recording was put through Acid Pro's Chopper where I created various selections, snippets, and a few loops. Once satisfied with the concatenated "final track" I duplicated it twice and applied different impulse responses (using Acoustic Mirror) to each copy, then panned each one 50% left and right, respectively. The original track remains in the center channel, with just a touch of reverb. I wanted the composition to be slightly harsh, or "industrial," yet still have the subtle timbre of paper. For this and much more "non-paper" noises, go to my website @ http://www.heavyconfetti.com.
8 Great Speeches
stream trackload mp3   Prez Conference
Jimmy Carter, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Grover Cleveland, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Woodrow Wilson, Spiro Agnew, John F. Kennedy
comment 29.11.2007: Peter Gambles
  Brilliant selection of partial quotes to construct a conversation between US Presidents that I'm sure they never intended! All very neatly stitched together by the unobtrusive music.
9 Live
stream trackload mp3   heavyconfetti medley
Mostly casual improvisations done in two different coffeehouses. The coffee machines generally win the battle of noise....
10 Film
stream trackload mp3   Twig Cathedral
The music is a soundtrack to a film I shot/edited of a sculpture that
is made entirely of twigs and other living plants; it's at the Santa
Barbara Botanical Gardens, constructed by Patrick Dougherty.


Here's the link for the video in mpeg1 format, 128 MB.
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Hmmmm....I'll just be straightforward and honest with my subjective impression of this piece. I jumped directly to the mpeg to get the full impact of the work. I love the music, and the video of the twig structure is interesting, but the two don't seem to compliment each other for me. The video has a sort of natural and out-doors feel to it, but the music seems more ethereal and deep (large, as if in a real cathedral?). Over five minutes of video of the structure seems a bit long to me as well. Again, this is just my own personal reaction to the piece. Taken separately, I very much like both the video and the music. The music does convey the sense of a cathedral for me, just not the feeling that I get from viewing a twig stucture in the outdoors, which seems to thurst for a more earthy and nature-ritualistic feel...dryer, more direct and down to earth. I realize, however, that it is probably difficult to get these two themes to work together well. I don't think I could have done it with the given instrumentation. I would have been compelled to use acoustic instruments, but that is just personal taste for me.

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