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Found Sound
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NEMO 002
year: 2000

project coordinator:Matt Davignon
mastering: Matt Davignon
artwork:Tim Nelson

Here, we restricted ourselves to using only preexisting recordings and bits of sonic jetsam as source material for the music. Most amusing! Watch out for that chew toy!

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1 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Beethoven's Fifth Remix
[This track, which was constructed entirely of public domain samples of a very old recording of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, was featured on Italian National Radio]
2 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Premonitions of Precipitation [it's hissing, cats and dogs]
3 Josh Pyorre
stream trackload mp3   Shottinshell
4 Matt Davignon
stream trackload mp3   When You All
5 Raul Bonell Tomas
stream trackload mp3   A Cau de Figa Reial
Some small sound files from trimmered parts of my first stick recordings plus some overdubs as embellisments, of course, looped ad infinitum.
6 Echovirus
stream trackload mp3   Making the Meat It Feeds On
7 Josh Pyorre
stream trackload mp3   Psycho Nouvea
8 Josh Pyorre
stream trackload mp3   Placenta Pate
9 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   View From a Window Through Teakettle Steam
When I was in college studying filmmaking, I think I was the only student in the classes who didn't want to be a director; I wanted to do soundtracks. For this track, I started with an unused 2-track field recording sound collage I'd done for a film project in about 1983/84, and completely deconstructed and remixed it, running samples from it through looping devices onto multitrack. Hear a 2006 remix of it as the score of an experimental film at Youtube.
10 Michael Klobuchar
stream trackload mp3   The Merry-Go-Round
"a weird ride through a strange carnival" bob at the 7-11.....this was one of the only times that klobuchar used a 4 trac cassette recorder with his looping gear.....therefore an example of non-live looping
11 Matt Davignon
stream trackload mp3   You're Like a Fart
12 Josh Pyorre
stream trackload mp3   Hypochondriac
13 Josh Pyorre
stream trackload mp3   I Was Born in '75
14 Raul Bonell Tomas
stream trackload mp3   Infent-905/Coda: Lligant el Perfum
Samples from the computer. Probably intended for event sounds, demo sounds, etc... of some unused aplications. Even the great Enrico shows up!
15 Josh Pyorre
stream trackload mp3   So Sad
16 Superfluid
stream trackload mp3   The New York Accent
This was assembled from several product promotion tapes, accent demonstration tapes (for actors), recorded radio interviews, a 1983 recording of the BBC radio production of The Lord of the Rings, and other material that's sort of sifted into my life. There's also a superb performance by the noisiest inkjet printer I have ever owned.
17 Dennis Leas
stream trackload mp3   I Am Smoking In A Room

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