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One Minute
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Miniatures, Volume Two

NEMO 037
year: 2012

project coordinator:Michael Peters
mastering: Michael Peters
artwork:Michael Peters

A collection of one minute pieces without any other rules. This is our second "Miniatures" album, following the "Seventy-Five Seconds" album from the year 2000

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1 Ben Powell
stream track 1_01
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  fragile and crystalline - beautiful...
2 Anton Mobin
stream track Souvenirs
Souvenirs is a fragmented dynamic collage realized with my sound report about my last journey in Berlin, in February 2012.

Recorded in Emitter19, a sound recording and post-production studio based in Berlin, managed by Kris Limbach and Pierce Warnecke.

With the voice and/or music by Pierce Warnecke, Kris Limbach, Hopek Quirin and Rinus van Alebeek.

Also used in this one minute piece, a recording in Herthaner during the Bundesliga football match, Bayern Munich vs Schalke 04 (2:0). Rest moment with Rinus van Alebeek.
3 Sylvain Poitras
stream track the longing for repetition
All sounds are derived from a 10-second bass clarinet phrase sample
that can be downloaded freely from the London Philharmonic's website.
The sample was played back at various playback rates, forward and
backward, through various envelopes using the Samplewiz sampler on my
comment 19.05.2012: Rick Walker (www.youtube.com/looppool)
  Beautiful and evocative chamber music for the new millenium.

I'd love to know how you made it (improvisation? composed? multi-tracked? live looped?

Really nice, Sylvain!
comment 19.05.2012: Sylvain Poitras (www.sylvainpoitras.com)
  Thanks Rick,
This was recorded in one take with all looping and effects done in samplewiz. No further editing or effects except for copy and pasting the beginning at the end to bring closure to the piece.

I approach samplewiz as a livelooper... If you're in "note hold" mode, every note on the keyboard becomes like a track on a multitrack looper (each with a different playback rate). For this piece, I used the forward and backwards loop settings, so things get go sound a bit different. Add some delay and mess with the envelope and it should sound nice. Once you have a good bed of asynchronous loops, you can exit "note hold" n'y tapping rather than swiping the control box (this keeps the held notes). I then changed the settings around and played over the loops without "overdubbing".

Samplewiz is quite powerful... You can also change the loop start and end points in between notes to add variety.
4 David Cooper Orton
stream track a few notes dwelling on 60 seconds
First minute of improvised piece testing out a different setting of the M9 Particleverb. Some level changes and repositioning of elements in stereo field in post-production
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  Empty, brave and ehereal!
5 Jeff Lomas
stream track Under The Tracks
6 Ben Powell
stream track 1_02
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  reminds me of the Eels - nice!
7 Jeff Duke
stream track Gintchy
guitar, effects and loopers. The loopers used could have been any of or a combo of Line 6 M9, EH 2880, Boss DD-20.
8 Ben Powell
stream track 1_03
9 Jeffrey Letterly
stream track Hydrozoa #1
a few modified samples of a child's drum
10 David Cooper Orton
stream track a minute of your time
My first thoughts on this project were to record all the clocks in our house ticking away for a minute, and see what sort of phase effects might occur. I didn't really like the results, so having completed the 5-7-12 piece, dug out the resonator guitar tuned in DADGAD and played along with one of the clocks keeping time...
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  It certainly resonated with me...
11 Michael Peters
stream track Fractronics
guitar and an Expertsleepers plugin called "Crossfade Loop Synth"
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  The bells! The bells! Impressively unguitar-like!
12 David Cooper Orton
stream track delayed in transit
Edited from a experimental jam which took place earlier in the week. Guitar and effects/loops, re-positioned in the stereo field during post-processing in Acid Pro
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  One of the things what I love about your playing is that you have the courage to keep your core tonality and so it becomes distinctly DCO - few players find their identity like that.
13 Matthias Ebbinghaus
stream track CIA Plan Ocker
matebb: piano, crackle box
excerpt from a live recording, Aug. 22nd, 2005
no overdubs or other modifications
14 Michael Frank
stream track Torture Bell 2005
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  Someone was in a dark place!
15 Nick Robinson
stream track My Newt
Out of my comfort zone with 5/4 time and dadgad tuning! Aimed to give the melody a flutey feel...
16 Josh Ronsen
stream track Aspidochelone
17 David Cooper Orton
stream track fife-severn-deuddeg
Self-obsession taken to new areas previously left untrampled...alternating bars of 5 and 7 beats, overlaid with the sum of the two: 12, as all this came to be at the moment procrastination switched to feverish activity - the weekend of my 57th birthday, on 12 May 2012. Numerlogicalitastic...
comment 19.05.2012: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  Great - you're 2 years older than me, so I still have time to learn how to play rhythms like this without my head exploding?
18 Rinus van Alebeek
stream track Lust
19 Georgina Brett
stream track Meautiful Boaters
20 brekekekexkoaxkoax
stream track Rumor Narcosis Factor
21 Jeff Duke
stream track Kirei
Kirei came from the same 30 min sit down for this project as Gintchy (above) and used basically the same setup of guitar, effects and loopers with the addition of a Digitech TimeBender delay unit featured prominently.
22 Matthias Ebbinghaus
stream track Birds & Cars
field recordings, electronic percussion, piano, sampler, devices
23 Mike Fazio
stream track Cantus Firmus
electronics, electric guitar, treatments
24 Jeff Pavelec
stream track Clouds Like Pillows
NS Chapman Stick, synth and robot drummer.
25 Michael Peters
stream track Bursts 1
algorithmic music created by my old fractal software "HOP", similar to what you can hear on the CD "Impossible Music" but more contemporary sounds
26 Ronny Waernes
stream track Cave Images
27 Mike Fazio
stream track Two Years On (For Jeff)
archtop guitar, electric guitar, traditional mellophone, birdsong DAT recordings
28 Nick Robinson
stream track sexaginta secundis
A mashup of some live pieces...
29 Matthias Ebbinghaus
stream track Palace Rock In
matebb: piano, crackle box
excerpt from a live recording, Aug. 22nd, 2005
no overdubs or other modifications
30 Rick Walker
31 Michael Peters
stream track Bursts 2
algorithmic music created by my old fractal software "HOP", similar to what you can hear on the CD "Impossible Music" but more contemporary sounds
32 Ronny Waernes
stream track No Underground
33 Sylvain Poitras
stream track Twice through the looking glass
I used the same bass clarinet sample as for my first contribution (the longing for repetition), but this time I went at it from a few different angles.
34 Anders Östberg
stream track found sounds on a microcassette
35 Steve Moyes
stream track Willow
36 Michael Peters
stream track CheapSwitterBeat
harmonic inventions played on "Romantic Strings" samples of an Optigan (an ancient optical disc based sampling keyboard)
comment 19.05.2012: Rick Walker (www.youtube.com/looppool)
  This music sounds like it comes from a forgotten time, long ago, but in a similar but alternate reality. It is extremely evocative and moving to me.

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