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NEMO 030
year: 2008

project coordinator:Anders Östberg
mastering: Anders Östberg
artwork:Anders Östberg

The description for this project was to make a composition that reflects our natural environment or wilderness - things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention.

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1 Jeffrey Letterly
stream trackload mp3   At The End Of The Ocean
Field recordings of: Lake Ontario at Chimney Bluffs, NY; drips after a thunderstorm in Chicago, IL; crickets at Chimney Bluffs, NY; crows at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, IL.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  like many tracks on this compilation the detail and texture of this recording is fantastic, i've found while listening to this album i had to pee quite a lot, congratulations to everyone.
2 Raul Bonell
stream trackload mp3   At Nights
Walks into wilderness around town by late night. This is kind of a generative piece. Collected samples into a pool, random triggered plus wurlitzer+strings driven by fractal formulae (thus the connection with the main theme) all these treated using exclusively delay & pitch based fx.
comment 13.10.2008: michael (www.michaelpeters.de)
  wonderful Raul !! very inspiring. More of this please!
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  hi raul
this had me hooked waiting for the next sound, like turning the pages of a book, interesting narrative
ps. i'd be more than happy to 'mix' a project
3 Mank
stream trackload mp3   Pwll Ceris
The Menai Strait (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menai_Strait) is a narrow stretch of shallow tidal water about 14 miles (23 km) long, which separates the island of Anglesey from the mainland of Wales. One of the most dangerous areas of the strait is known as the Swellies (or Swillies - in Welsh Pwll Ceris) between the two bridges. This track is composed using ADCP current data from the Menai Straits collected over a period of 3 days. The current data was transfered to MIDI pitch data in Sonification Sandbox according to the following map: Current Speed - Piano 1 (Left); Tide Hight - Piano 2 (Right); Current Direction - Piano 3 (Center); Mean Average Tidal Hight -Ambient Pad.
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  beautiful... interesting concept of turning into pitches the data.

it remembers the days when i tried to koanize any sound paramenter in my faky-pseudo-random compositions. but that was my case not yours, for sure. you resolved the matter more efficiently and the result is quite fantastic.

now ceris seem a very relaxing place... ;-).
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  i could listen to this for hours, which is why it's on repeat and lulling me to sleep,
comment 20.10.2008: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  Mesmeric - a fascinating concept, beautifully realised.
comment 20.10.2008: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  Mesmeric - a fascinating concept, beautifully realised.
comment 20.10.2008: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  Mesmeric - a fascinating concept, beautifully realised.
4 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Cloud Cover
I abruptly changed direction with my track when it looked like a series of circumstances beyond my control (mostly impositions on my schedule, the weather and computer problems) was conspiring to prevent me from making deadline with the location-recorded ocarina/native american flute/peeper frogs piece I had planned. So I jettisoned the peepers l'd already recorded and revived the field recordings l'd made of water splashing in a run-off onto Crescent Beach, about a half mile from where I live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Onto a bed of these waves, splashes and birdcalls I layered a few excerpts from a live concert I played on a very rainy night three weeks ago in an old church in Somerville, Massachusetts. (Guitar, mellotron, looping devices.)
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  very intense and true sounds, gentle tim.
something is hardly to find among the dreamy stuff nowadays.
far from furniture!
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  never fails to satisfy

comment 20.10.2008: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  The balance of the natural to human sounds is perfect - they complement each other perfectly
5 Rinus van Alebeek
stream trackload mp3   Historische Aufnahme vom Januar 1942: Bedachtsam (Während der Wannsee-Konferenz)
Found by Rinus van Alebeek in an old koffer in Berlin
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  yes. i can enjoy all these sounds at a time.
even if i don't understand a single word in german.
quantity, not quality!
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  i'm listening to this at work and if i close my eyes
i've got my legs dangling over a small pier watching the sun dance over the water, thanks
6 Sonoprint
stream trackload mp3   Abyssal Plain
The project CT-Nature was to find an area in nature which is untouched or otherwise not affected by mankind. After much deliberation and several other attempts at things like wind, aurora borealis and volcanoes, I arrived at the idea of the deepest oceanic depths. And, thusly the idea of the abyssal plain was born. The song is a combination of synthesized sounds and real recording, joined with a muted drone underneath. Used were recordings available from archive.org, freesound.org and noaa.gov. Written, recorded, produced: July, August 2008.
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  one of my favourite tracks of the project and i don't know
even why.. maybe it's the overall sound, production, depth,
maybe because it's like having mr. l.shankar into sonoprint's
abyss for one of his double neck impros.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  i love this stuff, this is why i keep coming back to the CTC
comment 20.10.2008: nick robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  dark and brooding, just how I like it ;)
7 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   Nature Story
Recordings with microphones covered with needles, leaves, cones, grass.....deep, deep in the forest
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  best recording on the album, meister recordist!
wide, deep, timbrically very interesting. i was erager to listen
to this track since anders' comments on the mailing list.
i found it to be one of the more experimental
(and thus) interesting procedures on the nature project.
can't stop listening again and again ... damn good!
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  i am that rummaging mammal
8 Nick Robinson
stream trackload mp3   Bleaklow
I had no preconceived idea of the music, except to create a mood. To befit my current status, this turned out fairly dark. The idea is you're stood as an observer on Bleaklow moor (in Yorkshire), in light rain. The sun emerges, but in the end a storm looms. The guitar element is taken frm a gig I played in the open air, combined with an obscure sample from the 60s, slowed way down. Arranged using Ableton live
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  another winner if not for the experimentalism (uff!),
but for the determination to combine such a wide array of
colours and make it work. creator unmasked, mr. nick!
.. how i love gtr. intro!.
at first listen seemed a string quartet of his own... was it?.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  the standard is set, and it's high, awesome
9 Peter Gambles
stream trackload mp3   Call Of The Sea
I wanted to explore how nature untamed affects people. Why must we go down to the seas again? Sirens, mermaids, selkies, all calling to us from the waters. Field recording of the waves at a beach in Devon, underlain by the same sample stretched 22.2 times using the wonderful 'Pauls'
Extreme Sound Stretch' (hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/). Tibetan singing bowls and native american drum complete the soundscape.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  for some reason Jason and the Argonauts comes to mind, as we sail slowly through fog watching strange dark shapes appear on the horizon, unsettling in a great way
10 Ronald S. Shayler
stream trackload mp3   Summer Storm
It's a combination of a natural summer thunderstorm, some artificial storm sound loops and guitar loops and a little bit of synth loop.
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  trip done mr. shayler!
it's interesting how referent theme of wild
forest may sound so different as a whole in
each track.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  a newbie, and a very promising debut to the CTC look forward to hearing more
11 Adam J. Wimbush
stream trackload mp3   Tjaumn Bgolle
This piece attempts to recreate my emotional experience of a forest in Thailand; this is the furthest from civilisation that I have been with recording equipment outside the UK. The raw recording could easily have been presented alone, so an untreated version runs through the track acting as I kind of 'floor' for other elements to grow and intertwine. So sonically translated are the awesome heat and humidity, the enveloping claustrophobia and isolation and the green foliage in its millions of shapes. As we trekked further into the undergrowth the unidentifiable animal noises ringing out all around us got more and more intense as they signalled intruder alert to the whole forest. Here you could really believe there was a magical force at work both beautiful and intimidating, I hope if you shut your eyes and listen to this track it could transport you to this place, enjoy.
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  alert!. mastery on this track sighted.
may i ask to mr. wimbush to mix
my home projects in the future?
how did you managed to blend all those creatures
into a tiny stereo file?
another favourite.
12 Mikhail lliatov
stream trackload mp3   Okinawa Frogs
The hum of air conditioning, distant shamisen melody, police sirens, racing scooters, desperate attempts to get sleep after a 22-hour flight were annihilated by frogs.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  natural communication breakdown, i almost can understand what there saying through the bubbling sonic pond
comment 07.11.2008: olga
  The song of frogs... the sound is calm and romantic, brings images of night, stars, emptiness, eternity
13 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Still Raining Still Waving
In the UK this year it rained. Not perhaps all year, but seemingly most of it was moist. So this became the theme of what is a cyclical sound collage thing - starting with a light shower in Penarth (overlaid with various birdsongs etc), moving on to a downpour, shifting across to sounds from North Carolina and the stream running behind my cousin's log cabin, on past a waterfall also in NC, to the Atlantic Ocean hitting the beach at Manomet, just south of Boston MA, disappearing beneath the waves and reemerging to more rain in Penarth. All this interspersed with the dog that barked in the woods and more gulls than you can shake a stick at (believe me, I tried, they're not remotely concerned) - and a brief observation from Sharon Orton. Recorded variously on mini-disc, and video DVD, then processed and collaged via Acid Pro 6
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  amazing detail, just as the sounds are morphing into something other worldly a gull pulls me back to earth
14 Michael Sandler
stream trackload mp3   Water Chatter
An arrangement made from recordings of many different species of life on Earth.
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  i wouldn't like to face to some of those 'bichos',
mr. sandler. i enjoy this track best at full volume.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  dark and deep a strange place this evokes
comment 20.10.2008: nick robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  listen at night & turn off the lights to get maximum effect. Wonderful.
15 The Common Viper
stream trackload mp3   Neptune's Invite To Davey
It is called 'Neptune's Invite To Davey' and is constructed with a Binaural recording of Brighton Beach I made and some Subtractive Synthesis using a Synthesizer I created in Reaktor. The concept of the track based around the folklore of 'Davey Jones' Locker' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davy_Jones_Locker). How this track relates to the CT-Nature concept... the sea washing up on the shore is a sound that has probably not changed for millions of years, and although we have altered the Nature of the sea via pollution and attempt to harness its powers... the sound of the sea washing and lapping up upon the shore still remains the same...it is a natural sonic environment that has not been substantially altered by human intervention, and if we close our eyes this sound could transport us back millions of years. The Subtractive Synthesis section and the concept of 'Neptune's Invite to Davey Jones' can be thought of as a representation of our effect upon the sea, our imprinting of our ideas and processes upon the sea's natural being.
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  poor sea! nothing good's going to happen to it... thrilling.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  the phasing totally matches the sound of surf,
one of my fav's
comment 20.10.2008: nick robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  the insistent synth riff fits perfectly with the found sound. Aquatic menace!
16 Subscape Annex
stream trackload mp3   Keep It Under Your Hat
Post-rainstorm field recording processed with Moog phaser, delay, and Heil HT-1 talkbox, layered with unmodified audio in Audacity.
comment 15.10.2008: raul.bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  .. is tom waits testing the mic or what?.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  a perfect ending to another excellent collection of sound scapes
(another name for this project could have been CT-Water)

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