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NEMO 028
year: 2008

project coordinator:Nick Robinson
mastering: Nick Robinson
artwork:Nick Robinson

The inspiration for this project was the signs of the zodiac. The idea seemed to promise strong themes, formed a coherent set, and required suitable numbers of contributors. Ronny arrived just too late, but he luckily discovered a 13th sign, so he made it in the end. As ever, we each interpreted the sign in our own special ways.

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1 norelpref
stream track Aries
comment 01.08.2008: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  Amazing !!!
comment 09.08.2008: raul bonell
  lovely madness! ... heavyconfetti.
always refreshing these quick progressive mixes.

thumbs up!
2 David Cooper Orton
stream track Taurus
comment 01.08.2008: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  also amazing!
(the beginning reminds me of Hatfield & the North)
comment 05.08.2008: Nick Robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  I reckon the spirit of Steve Howe is also in evidence - that proggy influence we too often resist ;) Good work DCO!
comment 09.08.2008: raul bonell
  i deeply like david's guitar playing, but as an extra plus, you got tons of musicianship behind his composition. players do they job but creators matter a lot.
3 Des Slow & The Stop Pills
stream track Gemini
4 Anders Östberg
stream track Cancer
Underwater recording with stereo hydrophone
5 Jeff Lomas
stream track Leo
Plodding little homage to Ry Cooder or something... Clean Acoustic Guitar + DL-4. Enjoy!
6 Sebastian Jantz
stream track Virgo
7 Rinus van Alebeek
stream track Libra
4 dictaphone improvisations on a ten second church bell recording from Berlin Friedrichshain and mixed together using a 4-track.
8 Subscape Annex
stream track Scorpio
Scorpion sounds recorded with contact microphones, then processed and layered in Audacity
comment 09.08.2008: raul bonell
  scary! ...
9 Jeffrey Letterly
stream track Sagittarius
"Sagittarius" was created with computer-generated tones, appearing first in a high/low ostinato and then microtonal canons. These give way to a recording of rhubarb being pushed through a sieve while the kitchen sink drips.
10 Nick Robinson
stream track Capricorn
Some ostinato guitar phrases in different time signatures, turning into a darker improv section.
comment 06.08.2008: mike (http://www.faithstrange.com)
  As beautiful as a vast wide open northern English sky...
11 Dwoogie
stream track Aquarius
This is a re-imagining of the famous "Aquarius" song from the musical "Hair". More Dwoogieness online! This recording uses "breaking waves.wav" by reinsamba
12 Mike Fazio
stream track Pisces
comment 05.08.2008: nick (www.looping.me.uk)
  I love this piece of music....
13 Ronny Waernes
stream track Ophiuchus

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