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Birds and Men
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NEMO 025
year: 2008

project coordinator:Nick Robinson
mastering: Nick Robinson
artwork:Nick Robinson

The inspiration for this project came from my abiding fascination with birdsong. There was such interest (and discussion over group parameters!) that we decided to have a group using only the sound of birds (cunningly entitled "Birds" and another combining birds with human generated sounds; "Of Birds and Men".

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1 Krispen Hartung
stream trackload mp3   Nuthatch
Gear: Epi "Roadie" mini electric guitar, max/msp, Lenovo ThinkPad T60p, RME Fireface 400
Approach: I mixed and mastered two separate recordings of the Red Breasted Nuthatch to a wav file, and then I played the file inside max/msp. While the file played, I applied a random effect patch that I wrote, which randomly applies any of my 20 or so effect patches, and morphing them; I also added a random FM synthesis percussion patch that I also wrote in max. I recorded this first mix direct to disk in max. Then I play that file back in max, and improvised over it with the guitar....free jazz style, basically
2 Nick Robinson
stream trackload mp3   Pheasant Plucking
Various bird samples combined with excerpts from a live recording made at a solo gig in Norwich. Arranged and mastered using Ableton. Any Floydian influences were purely accidental
3 Michael Peters
stream trackload mp3   Lark Machine
This consists of electronically treated recordings of songs of a lark (alauda arvensis,there are many images of it on the web), plus string chords which I stole from Morton Feldman, and slowed down drastically
4 Steve Burnett
stream trackload mp3   The Bowerbird, The Shrike, and The Vulture
I recorded bird song samples locally with a M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 field recorder a couple of months ago. Sooperlooper on Mac OS X for the initial samples plus half-speed and scratching. For birds2 I combined the bird samples with a Chapman Stick using E-Bow and Piranha guitarbow. Loop
pedals (Akai Headrush E2, Digitech Jamman, Boss RC20 and RC20XL), Electro-Harmmonic Polyphonic Octave Generator, and Moog Moogerfooger analog delays. Final result cleaned with Sound Soap and Audacity
5 Ronny Waernes
stream trackload mp3   Nightingale
Recorded, processed, mixed during September 2007 to January 2008. resources: 1) a Nightingale sound from: http://www.grsites.com/sounds/birds002.shtml 2) the famous Bird1 from: http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/soundfx/PDsoundfx/birds.shtml
3) my voice. No other sound sources are used
6 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   Birdmen
A field recording of birds mixed with a stealth recording in a cook shop with a number of monitors running simultaneous advertising a cooking device. Made with Zoom H4 flash recorder with internal mics. No post-processing
7 Jeffrey Letterly
stream trackload mp3   Building a Blackbird
"Building a Blackbird" incorporates two recordings of blackbird songs (naturesounds.be), recorded text from The Bird Study Book by T. Gilbert Pearson (archive.org), and a recording of construction workers building a deck in the back of my apartment in Chicago, IL. How does human behavior interact with bird behavior? How do humans interpret bird behavior? Do birds interpret human behavior? How do we build a blackbird? Or does it build us?
8 Norelpref
stream trackload mp3   Becket
I took samples of my beloved parrotlet, Becket, from when he was only a few months old. I then decided to make a kind of "world music" groove thing, with a booming bass, copious amounts of percussion and layered guitar patterns. Along with the squeaks and flourishes produced by Becket is featured an acoustic guitar lead throughout
9 Adam Wimbush
stream trackload mp3   Aves Pt.4 (Phleyeing remake)
>>Birds > L/R-Mic > MD >> Imagination > Live6 > FeltTipSS2.0.7 >> Audacity > MD >< 414mkII >> Live6 > 414mkII > FeltTipSS2.0.7 >>
Signal manipulation and sound assemblages by A.J.Wimbush (bird names taken form The Hamlyn All-Colour Animal Encyclopaedia 1981)
10 Rinus Van Alebeek
stream trackload mp3   in the end there is only everything
In this track is explained how from birdwatching a theory was developed alternative to einstein's e=mc square. This theorie explaines such things as the big bang and the anti universe;it is anti creationist and anti darwinist, and offers a key to the understanding of cultures, time travelling, and the mysterie of time as opposed to space. Recorded live on an Ancient Sony Cassette Walkman in a kitchen in Berlin Neukölln, with a dictaphone, a walkman and the radio providing background noises.

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