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Location Volume 2
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Concept, coordination, mastering and sequencing: Matt Davignon

NEMO 013-2
year: 2004

project coordinator:Matt Davignon
mastering: Matt Davignon
artwork:Anders Östberg

Music created from field recordings around the world by members of the CT Collective. The focus of this project was to explore the sounds of different locations, as well as the musical ideas, sensibilities, and techniques of the artists who recorded the sounds, most of whom are residents of these areas.

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2 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Location, location location - As one door shuts...
London, Croydon, Surrey, England and Penarth, South Wales
Manipulations of sounds recorded in and around central and south
London, Croydon, Surrey, and South Norwood in England; and Penarth in south Wales. Recorded on mini-disc, then chopped and changed in ACID pH1 on a PC. July/August 2001.
As additional information - although the actual construction of the track took place in July &August 2001, most of the sounds were recorded during the previous several months, in which time we as a family moved house twice, although I managed to move three times for reasons I've yet to determine. Anyway, doors shutting and opening became something of a motif, virtually and on the recordings. The conversation at the beginning actually took place - I didn't stage it - and seemed too obvious not to include. There's also the voice of an estate agent telling me all the keys to our present property are available for collection ("I say all the keys - the keys to get in"), and the piped music of the ice cream van - good humour wagon? - that circles around and around Penarth all summer, driving me to distraction. Plus London's Babel-like panoply of voices, accents and languages, all melded together on the public transport network, of trains, trams and the Tube. The last section uses all of these to reconstruct the
sound of the UK dance scene - arguably the dominant sound of summer over here. Or may I just made that up, not sure...

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