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Philter Phrenzy
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NEMO 005
year: 2000

project coordinator:Miko Biffle
mastering: Todd Madson
artwork:Lance Glover

This project focused on the use of filters - broadly conceived - in the production process.Wahs, computer noise, FM, AM, and ring modulation are only the beginning.

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1 Anders Östberg
stream track FlashDisFlow
Sounds processed with spectral magnet filter.
2 Claude Voit
stream track C7 to FM
a follow up of this tune was "re-composed" in my last CD "On a wooden path".
mainly I reworked the chord progression added some new parts did some overdubs etc....
the title of this "new composition" is "Summer brings Matthias"
you can listen to it on my site www.claudevoit.ch
comment 01.02.2005: Matt Davignon
  This is probably my favorite track ever of the CT series
comment 26.05.2006: Eric SALIEGE (www.ericsaliege.org)

I agree "C7 to FM" is great !!! I love it.

Regards from Paris
comment 08.12.2010: nick robinson (www.looping.me.uk)
  A really beautiful track - thanksfor sharing it!
3 Morgan Hamilton Lang
stream track Sludgepuppy
Very simple and straightforward butt-shaker. Drum machine and Max/MSP run through a wah/distortion pedal.
4 Loop.pooL
stream track Trois Voix
5 Aliensporebomb
stream track Floating
6 Luca Formentini
stream track The Waterskin
7 David Coffin
stream track Smokeless
8 Liverpool Mandala
stream track All Rivers at Once
9 David Coffin
stream track Mirazilla
10 Luca Formentini
stream track The Ice and the Glass
11 Aliensporebomb
stream track The Gift
12 David Coffin
stream track PhilterFade
13 Michael Klobuchar
stream track Nothing Ever Disappears
when this project was first started, klobuchar asked "what's a filter?".....yikes, cave living at its best.....klobuchar used found sounds off of his computer his rang and his other tools
14 Aliensporebomb
stream track Vignette
15 Liverpool Mandala
stream track Pod (fragment)
16 David Coffin
stream track AmbiPhilter
17 Michael Klobuchar
stream track Oh BiTe Me
three simple words found on the computer sent into several of klobuchar's boxes
18 Aliensporebomb
stream track Aliensporebomb
19 Michael Klobuchar
stream track Toot's Tune
another backwards/forwards/guitar piece.....klobuchar thought that the guitar sounded like a harmonica thus the "toot's" in the name
20 Kate Madson
stream track Meditation

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