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  Rick Walker   a.k.a. LooP.PooL, Purple Hand, nO thiNg, noise cleaner, Hamsas Hand, Ultra Violette  

email rickwalker@looppool.info 
url http://www.looppool.info  
addressSanta Cruz, California  
phoneemail me and I"ll give it to you  
aboutI'm a found sound/live looping/abstract electronic musician who is also a professional drummer/percussionist/multi-instrumentalist/producer. I live in Santa Cruz with my wife, Chris Wedertz who is a talented multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer. I produce a large live looping annual festival every October in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area. This year's Y2K7 International Live Looping Festival will bring 60 artists from 8 countries.  

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1 One Minute
2 Harmonics
stream trackload mp3   Beautiful Christine on the Occasion of Her Birthday
Four string American made Fender Stratocaster (tuned E B E F# - for Lydian Barre Harmonics) (I just left two strings off of it, because I'm a dweeb who is only posing as a guitarist) Prototype LP-2 Mini Looper with a couple of brand new looping options I added: 1/4 speed and Random Retrigger Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal (very hip pedal that my lovely wife just gifted me on HER birthday - that's how cool she is). VOX DA-5 5 watt, battery powered practice amp. Two separate improvisations (unsynced) recorded in Mono with no effects (ATM 4033) into Audacity on a MacBook
comment 11.05.2011: raül bonell (raulbonell.tumblr.com)
  i love savage music and this certainly is.
comment 10.05.2011: Jim Goodin (woodandwiremusic.wordpress.com)
  wow Rick pleased to see you in CT... maybe you have been on other projects but nice to see you here, lovely piece and love the title most of all.
comment 09.05.2011: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  wonderful. Where is the Like button on this website?
comment 17.05.2011: Roger "ErocNet" Sundström (http://erocnet.bandcamp.com)
  A kaleidoscope of sounds meet me and the track grows in a nice way.
stream trackload mp3   May Resonance Increase
Mac G4 800mGHz laptop computer, Windows XP PC (P4 2.4 GHz) desktop computer, FLStudio Producers Edition 5.0 Software, Bias Peak Software, Cycling 74 Pluggo and Hipno VST effects suites
comment 28.06.2007: norelpref (http://www.heavyconfetti.com)
  Well, a bit of rhythm here. Slicing the atmosphere up into meter. Interesting how the beat gives a sense of "grounding," in an otherwise sidereal setting. The "calliope" sounds are very cool. Excellent end piece to a great CD. I applaud everyone on producing a great project.
4 Live
stream trackload mp3   prepared mattel toy guitar
5 Where We're At
stream trackload mp3   Aluminum Milk Jug
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Nice work, Rick. I like the morphing about half way into the song, and then again toward the end. These make for nice breaks in the groove.
6 Where We're At
stream trackload mp3   Love Song for Chris
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  The haunting voice melody is excellent....almost new species, animal-like...man, it's creepy, almost African sounding.
7 Percussion
stream trackload mp3   Liquid-Liquid
8 Percussion
stream trackload mp3   Aluminum Milk Jug
9 Object/Videogame
stream trackload mp3   plastic cranberry juice bottle
10 Ambitative 2
stream trackload mp3   Winter Passes Quickly
From the CD, "Loop.pooL"

I just started making computer music when I bought my first PC last winter. Normally I can't wait for winter to end and summer to begin but I was in a very melancholy mood and playing with the looping program ACID for the first time. I was really in love with the way odd loops sometimes create new harmonies randomly and my beginners mind and melancholic mood was broken by an unseasonly short California winter.

The artist resides in Santa Cruz, California.
Recorded on a PC with ACID and SOUND FORGE.
11 Ambitative 2
stream trackload mp3   The Box
From the CD, "Loop.pooL"

I just finished this track as my first commission for a national dance troupe. The first ostinato was created with a found sound "MIKEYPHONE", gifted to me by the brilliant electronic musician, Michael Haumesser: It uses large, water filled oatmeal tins suspended from a wooden box with thick rubber bands. Played with the fingers, the pitch modulate with the bouncing of the cans. The second section (also inspired by Michael's NotNoise treated guitar project) was played with a stratocaster, capoed up high and "prepared" with alligator clips, then played with plastic martini stirrers.

Recorded in ACID with a LINE 6 DDL-looper, MIKEYPHONE, whirly gigs and an Alesis QSR synthesizer
12 Bluezette
stream trackload mp3   Blue Screen Blues
13 Philter Phrenzy
stream trackload mp3   Trois Voix
14 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream trackload mp3   75 Seconds in 75 Minutes
15 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream trackload mp3   75 Seconds it 7 & 1/2 Minutes
I didn't realize that all artists were asked to submit two tracks so on the night of the final deadline I gave myself an even more severe constraint and made this in exactly 75 seconds with a timer

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