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  Miko Biffle   a.k.a. Biffoz , a.k.a. Mikkoz  

email biffoz@gmail.com 
url http://www.soundcloud.com/biffoz  
aboutMiko Biffle of Santa Cruz, CA. wanders through a multitude of genres and styles and prefers not to align himself with any single sector. He has been creating post-modern guitar improv and psychedelia for over two decades.

Biffoz and The Lunar Asylum at SoundCloud
Biffoz : Accidental : Catatonic @Bandcamp
ICS Santa Cruz X-Ray Lodge
My Facebook page
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Miko Biffle coordinated these CT projects:
Where We're At Philter Phrenzy

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1 Where we're at 2017
stream track The Silver Apple
Fuzz Demo for the Mojo Hand FX El Guapo and the braying and kicking was only surpassed by the stench. There is no getting away from the mule fuzz!
The usual verb and light delay, with spasms from Malekko Charlie Foxtrot, Dr. Scientist Bitquest and Boss DD500 reverse delay. Main loop was with the DD500, resampled with Charlie Foxtrot into a small mono TC Ditto.
2 Where we're at 2017
stream track PTsD
Guitar and loop: Mikko Biffle. Fuzz demo, using my Paul Trombetta designed Bone Machine GTx fuzz. Austerity Cubed.
3 Where we're at 2017
stream track Boneshake Bolero
Guitar and loop: Mikko Biffle. Fuzz demo of the DOD Boneshaker. Austerity has been a major guide recently, both economically and artistically. This reality has led me to more immediate methods; sometimes in resignation and other times quite happily
4 Live
stream track krebs folly
miko biffle: guitar & loops
tim sanz: guitar & loops
5 Poem
stream track Gypsy Jerk
black night descending
the citadel defending
ripping asunder
the fabric of our lives...
what matters more? fortune? estate?
against all who challenge
give us something to HATE!
free thinking, now outdated,
replaced by fear!
the time has come,
tame the gypsy jerk!
the freedom walker!!!
kill the torch bearer!
all hail! ALL HAIL!!!!

©2005 Grimley Music Ltd.

This 'tune' was behind deadline, but I had these lyrics, and just hadn't recorded anything for it. I work very minimilistically, and after reflecting a bit I decided to submit this song with only 'score' lyrics, ala my sarcastic hero, Erik Satie. I realize this may draw criticism from literalists, but the guitar loop really works for me, so I'm very happy with the subjective qualities that arise from leaving it voiceless.
comment 10.02.2006: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  hi Miko, this track is awesome ... very torny ... I love the small interval dissonances and the phrasing ... more! more!
6 Poem
stream track GOOMH
I can't stand being unfairly judged, and symbolically stand in defiance of those who point their finger, even though I still love them.
7 Where We're At
stream track Get in Line
My de facto theme song asks the eternal question to which we all await the answer . . .
8 Where We're At
stream track Mind Swap
catatonic : cubist : guitar.
9 Acoustic
stream track The Passage
10 Acoustic
stream track Down Here
11 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Ode to Terje
Terje Rypdal. I can't thank you enough for the open vistas and floating, passionate, beauty.
comment 12.08.2011: Ted Killian (http://www.reverbnation.com/tedkillian)
  As usual, everything you do is wonderful. I've always dug this track.
12 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Verge-O-Rama
13 Akapella
stream track Pray I Don't Wake Up
14 West Coast
stream track Grommit's Lunchbox

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