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  Matt Davignon   a.k.a. Tape Recorder , a.k.a. The Electric Friends  

email mattdavignon@hotmail.com 
url http://mattdavignon.iuma.com  
aboutHi. I like to find new unconventional ways to think about and produce music. Lately, my instruments have been pre-recorded media (records, CD's, live broadcasts). I also use samplers, bass, casio keyboards, altered acoustic guitar, toys/objects, my voice, and lots of other sound-makers I can find. While I don't go out of my way to be "weird" anymore, I try to make music that is beautiful in completely new ways.  

Matt Davignon coordinated these CT projects:
Location Volume 2 Location Volume 1 Product Source Found Sound

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1 Live
stream track live @ loop festival 10-8-05
2 Where We're At
stream track Either Yolk or Urine
comment 09.12.2004: klobuchar
  matt davignon is da man!.....i want to form a MATT DAVIGNON COVER BAND!!!!!are ya with me?????
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Besides the fact that the title of this song is pleasantly disgusting, Mr. Davignon's bizarre material never ceases to amaze me...especially since I saw him loop live in Santa Cruz for Y24K. This song is minimalist in terms of tone diversity, but full of personality. Toward the end, I like the pauses and re-starts. Might this song be the sound of an alien spaceship with a bad muffler or ignition problem? :)
3 Location Volume 1
stream track The Truth is Marching On
San Francisco, California, USA
Recorded and arranged by Matt Davignon. Protestors for KPFA recorded at the Embarcadero Center in San Franisco. A very simple
additive process involving a short fragment of the main loop.
4 Location Volume 1
stream track Friction
San Francisco, California, USA
The screeching noise is a MUNI
escalator at half speed. There are also basketball players in Delores Park, a farmers market at the Embarcadero,
and traffic/construction sounds from around the city.
5 Acoustic
stream track Potential Energy
6 Product
stream track Osmosis (Three Views)
7 Source
stream track slowed down/edited violin sample
8 Source
stream track distorted tape of tarot reading
9 Source
stream track backwards acoustic guitar and udu echo
10 Source
stream track freezer shelves
11 Source
stream track straw
12 Source
stream track drum machine
comment 08.10.2004: Michael Peters
  this blew my mind, man
13 Source
stream track 40's loop
14 Object/Videogame
stream track super metroid suite
15 Ambitative 2
stream track Fuzzy Sweater
Recorded entirely from an inhaling whistle sample on a Casio SK-1, imitating natural phenomena (wind chimes).
16 Bluezette
stream track 7 Dead Squirrels
comment 13.10.2004: Todd Madson (http://pod.ath.cx/)
  This is one of the coolest tracks ever recorded by anyone, anywhere.
comment 12.03.2005: klobuchar (n/a)
17 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Dirty Romp
18 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track #5
19 Akapella
stream track 4 Mute Fishermen
20 Found Sound
stream track When You All
21 Found Sound
stream track You're Like a Fart
22 West Coast
stream track Orange Splatter Pattern
23 West Coast
stream track Remix of Bobdog, Greg Meredith, and Alan Imberg (CT-West)
24 West Coast
stream track Remix of Travis Weller and Scott Kungha Drengsen (CT-West)
25 West Coast
stream track Remix of Miko Biffle (CT-West)

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