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  Bob Catlin   a.k.a. Bobdog , a.k.a. Pseudobuddha  
email bobdog@pseudobuddha.com 

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1 Acoustic
stream track Green Forest Turns Grey
comment 19.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I really like the Eastern/Middle-Eastern harmony in this song. It's a very thoughtful tune with some interesting juxtaposition of sounds and phrases. Great guitar work.
2 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Fully Infected Head
3 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Blur (part 3)
4 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Gilly the Cat Uses 6 Out of 8 Lives
5 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Sitting at Ranjeet's Window
6 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Blounder Tongue
7 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Inside the Red Envelope
8 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track One Quinn Be Three Of Them
9 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track Acquiescence
10 Seventy-Five Seconds
stream track A Warp in the Ghetto
11 Akapella
stream track The Most Beautiful Leper
12 West Coast
stream track EPHOD

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