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  Jeffrey Letterly   a.k.a. jletterly  

email jaletterly@yahoo.com 
url http://www.vocalo.org/everybody/users/jletterly  
addressSyracuse, NY USA  
aboutJeffrey Letterly hails from the cornfields of Central Illinois. While there, he read his way through the public library and taught himself all about music. He flew to Upstate New York to study composition and piano at the Eastman School of Music. One magical day, he moved to Chicago to study interdisciplinary arts at Columbia College Chicago. He has written and performed in his own opera, danced, acted, made several short films, and written standard and nonstandard stories. He has created handfuls of varying live and not live performances, which have been presented all over Chicago. His music has been played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, and by other musicians and groups throughout the Midwest and East Coast. His music and soundpieces have appeared on WM Recordings, Oddio Overplay, Darkwinter, and is frequently heard on the hip new public radio, Vocalo. His soundpiece "Stiff Peaks" was chosen and presented as an official ShortDoc at the 2007 Third Coast International Audio Festival. He also performs country-tinged songs about death with his wife under the name "Urban Inbreed" and heads up the infamous multifaceted super group "The 11th Hour Orchestra."  

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1 One Minute
stream trackload mp3   Hydrozoa #1
a few modified samples of a child's drum
2 Domestic
stream trackload mp3   Heart Like an Owl
Making the domestic exotic. A gamelan made from pots and pot lids.
comment 25.01.2012: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  lovely!!! it has all the charm of a Gamelan ensemble while sounding like from your kitchen. I wonder what the title is about ...
comment 06.05.2012: Rinus Van Alebeek (www.zeromoon.com/rinus/)
  Ah yeah! Dream time, a world in cinemascope,sunset meets the king of siam,endless,endless.
3 Harmonics
stream trackload mp3   In And Out Of Clocks
created from overtones played on piano strings. I like to think it conveys some intricacies of clockwork.
comment 11.05.2011: raül bonell (raulbonell.tumblr.com)
  this is the kind of track you'd expect to hear from an experimental music group that contains sampled piano harmonics, and not what I did :) one of my favorites.
comment 17.05.2011: Roger "ErocNet" Sundström (http://erocnet.bandcamp.com)
  I´m partial to this kind of sounds, lovely, in the middle I can hear a glint of Zga before it ends.
4 Reverb
stream trackload mp3   Bees, Clouds
A piece for two banjos, played clawhammer style. The business of the interlocking banjo patterns conveys the bees. The added reverb sometimes obscures the patterns, creating small clouds of sound.
comment 03.08.2010: raul bonell
  after some rounds, I found my favorite track. such tangential but dynamic tempos at once. the mysterious dance of the central section, [eyes closed] echoing beneath the vaults of a moghul palace. dialogue between the two tracks, both with instruments and effects such as reverb tails, sometimes inverted, intertwine and interact, very effectively using the stereo field. hope to listen more music coming from jeff in the future.
5 Quartet
stream trackload mp3   The Secret Waltz
A quartet for four sets of high bells. It is based on the pitch class [0,1,3] and its inversion [0,2,3]. Though the piece starts in the middle of a strict canon, it quickly breaks down in terms of complexity and tempo.
6 Generative
stream trackload mp3   Dreaming of dust and water
(source track for the generative mix on CT-Generative)
7 Nature
stream trackload mp3   At The End Of The Ocean
Field recordings of: Lake Ontario at Chimney Bluffs, NY; drips after a thunderstorm in Chicago, IL; crickets at Chimney Bluffs, NY; crows at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, IL.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  like many tracks on this compilation the detail and texture of this recording is fantastic, i've found while listening to this album i had to pee quite a lot, congratulations to everyone.
8 Zodiac
stream trackload mp3   Sagittarius
"Sagittarius" was created with computer-generated tones, appearing first in a high/low ostinato and then microtonal canons. These give way to a recording of rhubarb being pushed through a sieve while the kitchen sink drips.
9 Bugs
stream trackload mp3   (the cricket marries)
"(the cricket marries)" consists of two bug samples: distress signals emitted by a single black fire ant with caught antenna (http://home.olemiss.edu/~hickling, courtesy of R. Hickling) and a cricket (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu, courtesy of monterey2000). The piece relies heavily on pitch and speed shifting the ant's distress signals to create sounds that imitate string instruments, brass instruments, and electronic blips and bleeps. The sound scape of these is then contrasted with the cricket sounds, which sing the Hungarian folk song "The Cricket Marries."
10 Birds and Men
stream trackload mp3   Building a Blackbird
"Building a Blackbird" incorporates two recordings of blackbird songs (naturesounds.be), recorded text from The Bird Study Book by T. Gilbert Pearson (archive.org), and a recording of construction workers building a deck in the back of my apartment in Chicago, IL. How does human behavior interact with bird behavior? How do humans interpret bird behavior? Do birds interpret human behavior? How do we build a blackbird? Or does it build us?

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