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  Subscape Annex   a.k.a. Steve Burnett  

email steve@subscapeannex.com 
url http://www.subscapeannex.com  
addressRaleigh / Research Triangle Park, NC, USA  
aboutPlays Chapman Stick, theremin, effects, and other instruments in improvisational, ambient, and free jazz efforts in the RTP area of NC. Hosts house concerts.

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1 Generative
stream track Under The Bridge
(source track for the generative mix on CT-Generative)
2 Nature
stream track Keep It Under Your Hat
Post-rainstorm field recording processed with Moog phaser, delay, and Heil HT-1 talkbox, layered with unmodified audio in Audacity.
comment 15.10.2008: raul.bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  .. is tom waits testing the mic or what?.
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  a perfect ending to another excellent collection of sound scapes
(another name for this project could have been CT-Water)
3 Zodiac
stream track Scorpio
Scorpion sounds recorded with contact microphones, then processed and layered in Audacity
comment 09.08.2008: raul bonell
  scary! ...
4 Teisha is now banned
stream track Teisha
Used a few hundred subject and timestamps from my spam folder and had “Ralph” and “Victoria” read them using Mac OS X’s Text to Speech application, along with short “teisha” and “teisha has been banned” text files. Used Ambrosia’s WireTap Pro to record to QuickTime. Switched between the looped-in-QuickTime spoken word files fed into my multiple effects pedal signal chain, manipulated and captured loops as I went along creating layers.

Mac OS X Text to Speech
Ambrosia Software’s Wiretap Pro
QuickTime Player
Sound Soap

MacBook Pro
(loopers) Akai Headrush, Boss RC-20, RC-20XL, Digitech Jamman
(effects) Moog Moogerfooger lowpass filter, analog delay, super analog
delay, MuRF, bass MuRF
5 Papermusic
stream track Tarot Talking
Recorded using K&K Hot Shot and Big Shot contact mics, Z-Vex and Moog moogerfooger effects, looper pedals (Akai Headrush E2, Boss RC-20 & RC-20XL, Digitech Jamman). Sounds produced using five Tarot and other oracular / divinatory decks: Aquarian Tarot, Thoth Tarot, Faerie Oracle, Vertical Oracle, Archeon Tarot.

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