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  Rinus Van Alebeek    

email injapatti@gmail.com 
url http://rinusvanalebeek.wordpress.com  
aboutpicture shows anders östberg (man with glasses) and me (man with hat) on the platform of the station in Eskilstuna.  

Rinus Van Alebeek coordinated these CT projects:

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1 One Minute
stream trackload mp3   Lust
2 Domestic
stream trackload mp3   Heimatklänge
comment 06.05.2012: Rinus Van Alebeek (www.zeromoon.com/rinus/)
  This is mine. i just want to tell that the single parts of this track were recorded in the region around Berchtesgaden in the very deep south of Germany. Heimat means something else but home, being a combination of sentimental values,tradition,landscape,language,beer and wurst. And yes,somewhere hidden are also some sounds recorded in Braunau
3 Harmonics
stream trackload mp3   Welcome to the Crypt
I used recordings made in Pecs, Hungary and a sample from a live performance with The Hat Effect. To create the harmonics I fed 3 tracks of the four-track recorder with the same recording, each with a slightly different pitch. The development of the piece is of course due to the many recorded fragments I used. Extra voice on "Welcome to the Crypt" is by Jeff Surak.
comment 17.05.2011: Roger "ErocNet" Sundström (http://erocnet.bandcamp.com)
  This one was interesting. Nice listen to in headset. You can hear the light tinges
comment 12.05.2011: Anton Mobin (http://antonmobin.blogspot.com/)
  excellent method as usual
for a subtle track ! great !!!
comment 11.05.2011: raül bonell (raulbonell.tumblr.com)
  i enjoyed a great deal, rinus and roger most adventurous & radikal approaches. well done guys!
comment 10.05.2011: Jim Goodin (woodandwiremusic.wordpress.com)
  wonderful documentation scape Rinus, nice to run across your creativity again.
4 Reverb
stream trackload mp3   A Perfect Couple
It is recorded with an iPhone, hoovering over three cassette players (and their inbuilt speakers) Each player was put in an object that would/could cause a natural reverb. One player however reproduced the sounds of organical material (bio!) that I'd treated with a zoom effects pedal, put on 'hall.'
comment 08.09.2010: Anton Mobin (http://antonmobin.blogspot.com/)
  Really amazing how this iphone recording give a surprising sensation of lightness, my ears flooded in this soundscape .. a very interesting reverb experiment and listening experience
Great project
comment 03.08.2010: rick walker (www.youtube.com/DaygloOrangePlastic)
  This piece was very evocative for me. The combination field recording, artistry, low fi and, of course, verbs is really effecting. A very stimulating piece of music, Thanks!
5 ReUse
stream trackload mp3   Sunset On Kerala Beach
re-use of an old composition, a re-use story and the voice of teisha recorded on re-used dictaphone and walkman
6 Generative
stream trackload mp3   Dreaming of dust and water
(source track for the generative mix on CT-Generative)
7 Nature
stream trackload mp3   Historische Aufnahme vom Januar 1942: Bedachtsam (Während der Wannsee-Konferenz)
Found by Rinus van Alebeek in an old koffer in Berlin
comment 15.10.2008: raul bonell (www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestra)
  yes. i can enjoy all these sounds at a time.
even if i don't understand a single word in german.
quantity, not quality!
comment 16.10.2008: Adam J Wimbush (www.myspace.com/ascsoms)
  i'm listening to this at work and if i close my eyes
i've got my legs dangling over a small pier watching the sun dance over the water, thanks
8 Zodiac
stream trackload mp3   Libra
4 dictaphone improvisations on a ten second church bell recording from Berlin Friedrichshain and mixed together using a 4-track.
9 Bugs
stream trackload mp3   Rock 'n Roll
10 Acoustic II
stream trackload mp3   amour-sauvage
conception during annunciation, so a kind of synchronicity, or whatever you call it. Voice - rinus van alebeek, voice - mireia guzman; other sounds, if there are any - magnus schaefer; hum due to sound recording quality of the cassette player whose name i forgot.
11 Birds and Men
stream trackload mp3   in the end there is only everything
In this track is explained how from birdwatching a theory was developed alternative to einstein's e=mc square. This theorie explaines such things as the big bang and the anti universe;it is anti creationist and anti darwinist, and offers a key to the understanding of cultures, time travelling, and the mysterie of time as opposed to space. Recorded live on an Ancient Sony Cassette Walkman in a kitchen in Berlin Neukölln, with a dictaphone, a walkman and the radio providing background noises.
12 Birds
stream trackload mp3   She Came Back Twice
Marlène Dietrich came back to Germany twice; once after world war two, the second time as a bird in Wuppertal, chatting with Orson Welles who reincarnated as a tune played by an icecream vendor. Recorded with a dictaphone in the garden of the grlfrn.
13 Teisha is now banned
stream trackload mp3   Teisha in Delhi
After a painfull and dangerous journey the author arives in India and has a chance meeting with Teisha. She has some joyous words for him before disppearing forever in the streets of Calcutta. Dictaphone recording, recomposed in Hars' living room in Vincennes.
14 Papermusic
stream trackload mp3   Eine Kleine Papier Symphony
Recorded in Lhasa, 12 february, 1948
1 der Botschafter
2 Das Gewicht der Woerter ist ohne Gewicht
3 Der Liebesbrief

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