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  Steve Burnett    

email steve@subscapeannex.com 
url http://www.subscapeannex.com/  
addressRaleigh / Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina USA  
aboutPlays Chapman Stick, theremin, effects, and other instruments in improvisational, ambient, and free jazz efforts in the RTP area of NC. Hosts house concerts.

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1 ReUse
stream trackload mp3   Pappappapparrassannua-ragheallachnatullaghmongan-macmacmacwhack-falltherdeblenonthe-dubblandaddydoodled
Live recording looping and improvisation by Steve Burnett. Reuse performed in January 2009 by Steve Burnett. Sound sources of discarded and washed eggshells using contact microphones. No other sound sources used.
2 Birds and Men
stream trackload mp3   The Bowerbird, The Shrike, and The Vulture
I recorded bird song samples locally with a M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 field recorder a couple of months ago. Sooperlooper on Mac OS X for the initial samples plus half-speed and scratching. For birds2 I combined the bird samples with a Chapman Stick using E-Bow and Piranha guitarbow. Loop
pedals (Akai Headrush E2, Digitech Jamman, Boss RC20 and RC20XL), Electro-Harmmonic Polyphonic Octave Generator, and Moog Moogerfooger analog delays. Final result cleaned with Sound Soap and Audacity
3 Birds
stream trackload mp3   Sonar
Sooperlooper on Mac OS X for the initial samples plus half-speed and scratching, loop pedals (Akai Headrush E2, Digitech Jamman, Boss RC20 and RC20XL), and Moog Moogerfooger analog delays, MuRF, and FreqBox. Final result cleaned with Sound Soap and Audacity
4 Caligari
stream trackload mp3   Soundtrack 2, Act 6
I've always loved the film _The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari_ as a commentary on reality, madness, unreality, branching universes, and control over oneself and others.

I watched the film in its entirety four times on consecutive nights, then another twenty to thirty times left on in the background while I did other things.

I reviewed Act VI of the film taking timemarker notes of each action in the film. I then decided on what fit the events of the film, looking for the movements of the characters and what would work to repeat.

Setting up my Todd McFarlane action figure of Dr. Caligari, I created themes for Dr. Caligari, Francis, and Jane, and various events as I thought fit using a Raagini Pro tanbura sampler, a Moog Etherwave Pro theremin, and a Zeta Crossover electric upright bass processed through the effects pedal chain, capturing them in the looper pedals as I felt I had the correct sense of the piece. I played the six themes and captured them in three loop pedals, two per pedal. I then wrote notes as to which themes to play at what times.

I brought up the samples as needed, playing sections live on Chapman Stick intermittently. I did three run-throughs for practice, then did three takes with the recorder running. Next day I chose the one that I felt came the closest to the appropriate dynamics and pacing throughout. I took the night off, came back the next evening to review the choice, and was still convinced I'd chosen the best one. No overlays were added to the track from the live recording.

Raagini Pro tanbura sampler
Moog Etherwave Pro theremin
Zeta Crossover electric upright bass
Chapman Stick

Z-Vex, Moog Music Moogerfoogers, looper pedals (Akai Headrush, Boss RC-20 and RC-20XL, Digitech Jamman)

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