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  Todd Madson   a.k.a. Aliensporebomb  

email crash@waste.org 
url http://pod.ath.cx/  
addressMinneapolis, MN  

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1 Where We're At
stream trackload mp3   Galaxy
An elegy for the late musician, Shawn Lane, recorded shortly after I heard of his passing.
2 Acoustic
stream trackload mp3   New Century
An acoustic version of a previously existing electric track. Acoustic guitar and acoustic
bass are the instrumentation here. The guitar arpeggios were doubled for the most
3 Product
stream trackload mp3   One with Everything
FYI: for my track on product, I literally used every track in one way or another on the
source CD. I had just taken ownership of a PowerMac G4/400 with 1.5 gigs of ram and
160 gigs of drive space. I copied the entire source disc into the machine and used various bits of every track as part of the track. The challenge was to also make it musical. Some of the source material is no longer recognizeable but it's there. I still pushed the machine to the limit but I rather enjoyed doing this track.
comment 17.10.2004: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  way cool track Todd ... several parts of the music here remind me of this other Todd (Rundgren) whose earlier psychedelic work I used to love a lot ...
4 Source
stream trackload mp3   Everything seems normal now
Part of an unfinished backing track that begged to be used for something.
5 Source
stream trackload mp3   An ocean of waves
A synthesizer meditation that was laying unused that cried out for participation.
6 Source
stream trackload mp3   Hallucinogen Shoe
An extremely difficult to finger chord arpeggiated, played backwards and looped
through extensive processing (Lexicon Vortex, assorted computer manipulation).
7 Source
stream trackload mp3   Aluminum locust rest interval in the sun
Reversed synthesizer texture evolving over time.
8 Source
stream trackload mp3   Tribal part II
A section of an unused track that had an interesting melodic repetition.
9 Source
stream trackload mp3   Damelon's door
An unused track included due to the unusual guitar loop texture and
processing. Compression/distortion/flanging/dual delays, vortex.
10 Object/Videogame
stream trackload mp3   bike
All sounds created by my 1997 Mongoose (pre-Brunswick soul-less corporate buyout)
Surge hardtail. I'd love to make some new music with the two other bicycles I ride in
an obsessive manner and maybe even include my wife's recumbent and a friends'
recumbent currently being stored here.
11 Object/Videogame
stream trackload mp3   aspirin dot wad
12 Ambitative 2
stream trackload mp3   DarkOver II
Equipment: Kawai K3 and Yamaha CS1X synthesizers, Charvel Model 4 guitar with EMG S/S/81 pickups and FAT boost, Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp, Lexicon Vortex.

Recorded at: Madsound, Minneapolis, MN Summer 1997

Mixed at: Madsound Digital, 2000

This track is actually an excerpt from a much longer piece wherein several synthesizers and a small amount of electric guitar is employed. What you hear is actually parts of the coda. All of the music was improvised.

Artists Comment:

The source tape of this music had been lying in a desk drawer for several years prior to the decision to use it for the Ambitative project. Another 35 minutes of the piece remains unheard by anyone other than the author and is much more guitar intensive.
13 Bluezette
stream trackload mp3   Blues for Kid Barbequepants
14 Bluezette
stream trackload mp3   Blues for Kid BBQ-Pants Original
I replaced my old computer this past summer and of the three hard drives in it, one drive ended up running into a persistent problem of not spinning up when a power supply fan failed causing the drive to be subjected to an extended period of too much heat.
The drive always had problems spinning up after that.
I just sort of forgot about it and the drive sat in the case for quite some time.
At the time I quickly substituted another track for my blues track but I wasn't quite as happy with it as the original.
The machine sat down in the basement for a considerable amount of time and I messed with it a bit a week or so ago during christmas break and with a new computer taking on the tasks of the old I was able to resurrect a lot of old data from the old box.
One of the things I was able to resurrect was the original track I had intended for the bluezette project.
If you want, you can upload it as a bonus track for that project if you like.
me: electric guitars, guitar loops, ppg wave, electric piano, mini moog bass, drumming
15 Philter Phrenzy
stream trackload mp3   Floating
16 Philter Phrenzy
stream trackload mp3   The Gift
17 Philter Phrenzy
stream trackload mp3   Vignette
18 Philter Phrenzy
stream trackload mp3   Aliensporebomb

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